Important Information & Guidelines


This is a two fold assessment.
One fold consists of questions based on Eight kinds of Learning Styles Second fold consists of questions based on Twelve kinds of Learning Skills


All questions are objective. Read the descriptions carefully and check one of the answers as it relates to your child. If you are not sure, make a good guess. The overall pattern of results matters more than responses to individual skills


Don’t spend too long thinking about each question, you know your child and how he or she behaves, but do take it seriously as the results can effect your child’s future. You only get to take this assessment only once for free!


You may find similar descriptions in different questions. This is not a mistake. Some learning behaviors relate to more than one skill


When you have completed the assessment the results will be generated instantly. Read the report carefully, it is unique to your child and provides you with valuable information that you can use to lead your child to success in school


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