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We help thousands of students manifest their highest potential

A personal counselor will guide you through the 5-steps that lead to learning.

Decide on a destination – so you are clear about what you want your child to achieve
Map the Route -by uncovering your child’s specific learning needs
Plan the Path – choose the strategies that will make learning easy and fast
Take the road to success –provide you with proven, practical actions that you can use immediately
Celebrate the journey – and prepare for the next one!

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Online Tutoring

At vnaya.com, school is never out! You can find a compatible teacher for your child to answer queries and help with the problem at hand in our virtual classroom24 hours a day, 365 days a year.     Read more

Language Learning

English is a global language that connects the world. If you wish to succeed in your career, if you wish to surge ahead of others then knowledge of English language is a tool you must possess.     Read more

Test Preparation

This is an important phase of your life. It is the turning point of your life. Your future, your career and your dreams completely depend on how well you do in your tests both during and after K-12 schooling.     Read more

Online Assignment Help

We understand that it is a big bad competitive world out there and you simply want to give your best.Yes, reasons can be many but solution only one – Our Online Assignment Help     Read more

We’re Here to Help.

Test preprations SAT, PSAT, SSAT, ACT, GRE

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My son happen having a lots of problems with his maths homework. I have already tried and give an up on several different online coaching services, tutors, in homes you name it, I tried it all but things were not working, but then i came a cross Eonlinetutors….
I noticed that he was beginning to struggled with some concepts in maths. Everything builds up as per maths basic so really wanted him to grow confident and  comfortable and look forward to his maths classes so I began looking around on personal online tutoring and found  eonlinetutors.com…..
Thanks Eonlinetutors for helping me  ace my SAT  I loved that I could get somebody to help me out of tricky situation anytime day or night . I feel really confident after taking sessions from Eonlinetutors. They are  specially trained and well qualified tutors for functions , trigonometric functions and their application…..

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We’re Here to Help.

Test preparations SAT, PSAT, SSAT, ACT, GRE

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We are an education company that has laid its foundation in utilizing Multiple intelligence methodology to understand specific needs and learning styles of a student.

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