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Vedic Mathematics, once taught and learned in the proper sense, can prove to be really helpful for students appearing in various competitive examinations. Learning this helpful technique can really save the students’ time which is usually invested in calculating long and complicated numerical equations. The concept of Vedic Maths describes that learning the techniques as propounded by Vedic Maths, a person can solve various numerical equations in a matter of minutes. Hence, this subject has grabbed the attention of all students, teachers and parents alike so that it may help students develop an interest in mathematics. Many students face problems in calculating numerical equations as they are too complicated, but after learning the techniques of Vedic mathematics, the same equations can be solved easily.

Many people have this idea that learning Vedic maths is not helpful as it does not produce accurate results and is not suitable to this day’s modern concepts. This is not the case as the concept of Vedic mathematics has evolved from the Vedas, the fourth Veda “Atharva Veda”, which is the source of knowledge. It is such a concept that has its roots in a trusted and ancient scripture, such scriptures that have formed the basis of modern techniques, concepts and laws for many centuries. Therefore, this doubt must be chucked out from the mind in regards to Vedic Mathematics. Rather, students should be encouraged to pursue this alternative discipline and add one more feather to their cap.

Hire Vedic Math Tutor Now!

As we have seen, Vedic Mathematics is seldom taught in schools. Also, searching on the internet to get detailed information about any subject never goes well. So, a need arises: To find an expert tutor who can teach Vedic Maths in a simple yet effective manner. As far as finding a tutor for any type of subject goes, there are many aspects that we have to look at before hiring a tutor. There are certain areas that a tutor must fulfill, such as:-

  1. Expert knowledge: It is necessary that a tutor must have the requisite knowledge needed for teaching Vedic Mathematics, if he teaches your child in the wrong way, this will result in hampering his growth in the future.

  2. Necessary qualifications: Vedic Mathematics is not a generalized stream, rather it is a particular subject that pertains only to a specific area of study. So, it is necessary that when you find a tutor for your child, you ask for his/her certificates and really see for yourself that he/she is qualified to teach this subject or not.

  3. Even temperament: This subject requires time and skill to master. So, you need a tutor who has an even temperament which is required to teach this subject as the student will make mistakes in the beginning. It has been observed that, if a tutor is impatient or gets easily angered at the smallest mistakes it may lead to students getting demotivated about the subject.

  4. Affordable Fees: When you find a tutor for yourself or your child, you must make sure that he/she is pocket friendly. You don’t want to go broke while hiring a tutor. Paying hefty fees for education is not ideal, sometimes it happens that students are forced to leave the subject halfway through, just because they or their parents cannot afford to pay the tuition fees. So, we make sure that the prices for tuition on Vedic Mathematics are affordable.

  5. Tutor-Parent Bonding: It is essential that the tutor and parents get along well for the benefit of the students. In COVID times, children are spending most of their times at homes and it is up to the parents to decide their schedule. So, our tutors help the parents in forming a schedule for the child that is regular but flexible at the same time and is catered according to each child’s well-being.

  6. One-on-One classes: We also provide one-on-one classes where one tutor caters to one child at a time so that he gets his teacher’s undivided attention. This type of approach has seemed to benefit such children who are easily distracted in large group settings.

We offer a wide variety of flexible options for every type of student and their parents, so that education can be hassle-free. We realize that every student is different, that’s why we offer various levels of tuition. Vedic Mathematics is the best investment for those parents who are looking for something that can pique their child’s interest in mathematics. Vedic Mathematics is not only beneficial in learning how to solve problems quicker, it also aids in the development of the child’s overall perception of academics and mental development.