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Tips for a Stress-Free School Morning Routine

Have you ever conceptualized a morning that has been too nonchalant? Your obvious answer would be “No”. We all hesitate to leave the cozy bed early morning and run after our daily morning schedule. On a week day, as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, a sort of craziness begins to drive you as you find it very challenging to be at that very place on time. Although you have reached school on time, you find that you have forgotten either your homework or to pick up your lunch box, there are apparently no end of minor catastrophes that can all add up to make the morning routine the most stressful part of the day.

Hardly, it can be denied that everyone in a family has their order of the day, and for parents, it is to get their child to school on time, whereas for the child, it would be to spend some extra time in bed, or playing an interesting game. We all try hard to avoid screaming and yelling in the morning out of fear of being late in reaching our destined location.

You may face with innumerable obstacles in your day to day routine. Rather than getting stressed about the situation, all you need to do is to focus on the solutions. It is popularly believed that whenever you face a problem, the solution is also there somewhere.  On the contrary, if you are stressed and you carry that stress at school, work, or in public, it may make you more stressed and hamper your relations. To enhance your situation this is what can be done.

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Most kids are not morning people and every morning, your home turns into a wrangling a circus without a cool joker to reduce the stressful environment. If your kids have just started going to school, it would take almost an entire year to transform your morning environment. When kids start their middle school, high school, and college, they can handle their morning routine on their own. For the first time school goers, parents go through the routine with them, step by step. As kids get old enough, they’ll become independent and less reliant, which in turn will enable parents to enjoy some time at night and in the morning before school. Also, this can be achieved by planning your morning schedule. Here are some of the tips to create a low-stress morning routine for school.

Carry out trials on waking up

Waking up early gives you a substantial amount of time before you begin work; allows you to transit into the workday gradually. You have sufficient time to go though the day’s schedule, enjoy the morning and relish your breakfasts. This ramp-up period is considered to help reduce stress, allowing you to start your day on a positive note rather than a stressed one. Waking up early has always given people time to prepare for their days. Being an early riser gives you extra time for organization, goal setting, and planning for the days and weeks ahead. Leaving the bed  early doesn’t just leave you with more time in the morning, but it can help create big transformation in one’s mental health, daily habits, and yes, even promote better sleep, so in a way you are not forced to sleep less.

Prepare a school morning routine

Creating a morning routine is the route to household happiness. It is true that we don’t feel excited if our day begins with an uncontrolled rush. If kids are woken up early, then they can help you feel more relaxed about what’s ahead. Make up your mind that you should allot a few minutes to relax, eat breakfast, drink coffee, exercise, or do whatever helps you get in the zone for the day. A bit of “me” time can make the frantic transition from home to work or school feel much calmer. Avoid beginning your morning with an unneeded jolt like the loud alarm making your morning unnecessarily jarring and filled with sensory challenges. Follow a predictable routine so that your morning becomes easier.  Keep things in their right place so that everyone knows where to look for them. By making kids following a schedule, you’ll help teach them how to manage time—and show your kids the importance of being on time.

De-stress yourself by eliminating a few of these habits

Morning routine is pretty basic and busy; the same things always needed to be done on time, however, everything doesn’t always run like clockwork. You have to remind yourself that it is ok if you buy lunch one day or drop it for later. Removing the pressure of getting things done on time reduces your stress and makes your routine smoother and pleasant. Avoid checking your emails and social media updates. Stay away from them until you have completed the basic morning schedule. Strike out the cell phone from your morning routine and feel the difference.

Try to create a positive morning environment

Make waking up in the morning enjoyable by adding a few funny things to the schedule. Play some tunes by creating a family playlist to boost the morning mood. Exchange positive words with all the members and discuss about their day ahead. Begin your day with positive affirmations that spread a healthy vibe, enable you to build up your self-esteem, and empower you to face all the needs of the day. Making time for something fun and silly helps actualize the morning as its unique part of the day rather than just a curtain raiser to work—which in turn makes it easier to wake up. 


A good morning routine always stands as a backbone of self care practices. A few morning habits help you to prioritize your mental and physical health. Willpower depleting decisions need to be avoided to de stress yourself. Stress fee morning routines are effective as it helps us to choose where to focus our energies and time. Morning routines become effective only when you start enjoying them and they get easily integrated in your life.