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The Dyslexic Advantage

Dyslexia is also known as reading disability. The person has trouble decoding and connecting letters and words in this scenario. Dyslexics, on the other hand, have normal intelligence and vision. Although there is no permanent cure for dyslexia, it can be managed. Nonetheless, specialist tutoring programmes can assist a dyslexic youngster in improving his or her academic performance.

It is crucial to recognise dyslexia so that schools and parents can take appropriate efforts to address it.

The following are the warning signs of dyslexia in children:

  • Language delay
  • Slow grasping for new words
  • Difficulty in distinguishing words
  • Problems in learning naming words, colors, and objects
  • Problems in recalling words, things, and sentences.
  • Avoiding reading activities
  • Difficulty in pronouncing some words
  • Frequent spelling mistakes

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When a teacher or parent notices such signs, they should take them seriously to address them. 

Problems faced by Dyslexic children on the academic and social ground:

  • Hampers overall learning 

Reading is an essential part of learning skills. Students in school grasp knowledge and information by reading various content. Since it is the first step to process knowledge and information, a dyslexic child faces difficulty in understanding the subject matter. That eventually affects the academic performance of a child. 

  • Lack of self-esteem

Achievements and appreciation help in uplifting self-esteem and confidence in children Dyslexic pupils experience anxiety in the classroom, during quizzes, and during other academic activities. They have low self-esteem and lack confidence.

Parents and teachers are sometimes unable to appreciate their children’s learning impairments and push them to obtain better academic results without properly diagnosing the problem. Dyslexics, as a result, feel abandoned and isolated from their friends, parents, and teachers.

  • Lack of emotional development

Dyslexic children have poor emotional development due to a lack of security and self-belief. They are unable to express their feelings, which has an impact on their behavior and can lead to depression, stress, and anxiousness.

  • Lack of career growth

Inability to read and comprehend is a significant impediment to a child’s professional advancement. Poor academic performance has a direct impact on an individual’s professional success. It has long-term ramifications in terms of education and the economy.

Dyslexia is an underlying brain abnormality, with no permanent cure. However, early diagnosis helps in better treatment to improve a child’s performance. 

Techniques to improve performance of dyslexic children:

  • Specialized tutoring strategies

The first step is to recognize the issue. Educators might use unique educational approaches after determining the severity of dyslexia. Individual tutoring strategies assist teachers in creating appropriate teaching sessions that focus on a child’s specific learning issue.                            

In schools, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:10 or below, tutors are unable to implement a customized teaching program for all students. Dyslexic children can benefit from specialized tutoring programs and online tutoring courses to assist them to improve their academic performance.

In an online tutoring platform, dyslexic children can learn at their own pace. Experienced tutors and subject experts implicate innovative teaching methods based on the learning requirements of the students. 

  • Using supportive teaching aids

Every youngster develops at his or her own pace and in his or her own fashion. Dyslexic children, on the other hand, require longer to comprehend  and assimilate information. The employment of supportive aids in the teaching-learning process can considerably improve the academic achievement of dyslexic students. They have the ability to take in and digest information via a variety of senses.

Top-tired online tutoring websites are fully equipped with the latest teaching tools. Online tutors design a lesson plan using teaching tools that stimulate all the senses of children during the learning process. 

  • Tutoring that is tailored to your needs

Dyslexics demand a unique strategy and platform in order to compete with their peers. Personalized tutoring sessions are provided by online tutoring services based on the learning needs of the children. They emphasise the learning difficulty and present the material in the most efficient manner feasible in order to maximise the learning experience.

  • Consistent reading habit

Parents should pay greater attention to this as their children spend the majority of their time with their families. In front of a dyslexic, parents should read aloud with proper pronunciation. They should encourage children to read a variety of materials and learn new words. They should also practice these phrases and sentences in their daily lives so that the children can hear them more frequently for a proper understanding. 

  • Encouraging children

Appreciation and praise are powerful tools for instilling self-confidence in children. Appreciate and love your child’s efforts. Make them feel special and valuable so that their self-esteem and confidence can be restored.

Learning problems are incurable, and one of the most serious outcomes is poor academic performance. On the other hand, if a dyslexic child’s learning handicap is appropriately addressed, he or she can succeed in school. Teachers and parents can utilise the suggestions above to help their students who are having difficulty learning.

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