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Should Your Kids Need a Tutor for the Selective School Test?

According to the new guidelines for the Selective School Tests, the tests will focus on evaluating the thinking skills of the students. The selective tests are both multiple-choice as well as descriptive containing three parts: reading, mathematics, and thinking skills. This test is optimum for getting admission to one of the best high schools across Australia, the US, the UK, and Germany. It is similar to the tests that are conducted by universities to admit students.

The main question that arises is if students need a tutor to prepare for the Selective School test? If yes, then what kind of teacher, and if no, how should they prepare for the entrance exam?

In schools, nobody teaches how to crack a competitive exam like this one. Cracking such an exam requires a strategy along with good knowledge. Your kid might be good at all the subjects but can his proficiency impress those professional examiners? Selective schools are not looking for average school children. They choose only the brainiest kids, who have the ability to enlighten the name of the school, hence, conducting admission tests.

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Usually, there are no guidelines for what to prepare for. That’s because the test checks the general ability of the students. Thus, in order to crack the exam. one must practice general aptitude, read books for vocabulary, improve your thinking skills by solving puzzles, etc. There are mock tests and sample question papers that the candidate must go through and ready oneself beforehand.

“Excelling exams is a good mixture of knowledge and luck. But hard work always pays off one way or another.”

Working Parents

If you both are working and cannot pay much attention to your child, then you definitely need a tutor. That’s because, although the test is not that difficult and no negative marking makes it even more luring but it needs practice.

  1. Children usually get demotivated and leave the practice. There is always a need for continuous motivation. The minute they go out of practice, everything is lost.
  2. Even if one of you stays at home but can’t pay attention to your kid because of the household chores, then you should also consider a tutor.
  3. A well-experienced tutor will keep your child engaged with puzzles, logical reasoning, and writing tests.

Self-sustaining kids

Self-sustaining kids are those who have generous curiosity and can study on their own. Parents might think that their kids might not need a tutor. That’s logical to think, but as established earlier, motivation matters.

  1. A kid, alone, will definitely have problems doing it on his own after school hours. It will double up the pressure on him and things will become cumbersome with homework and entrance exam preparation.
  2. There’s always a need for improvement and only a third person’s view can put that in the picture for you.
  3. A tutor can direct such a child to be more efficient in his mental abilities. With the strong driving force of a tutor, he will crack the selective school test easily.

Intellectually gifted kids

If the child is intellectually gifted, that is more than the average intellect, then this test is the best for him. He can easily crack it because its exam structure is totally supportive of that. And, he might get allotted the best school.

  1. You can always take demo classes for your child.
  2. If you think he can do better off without them, that’s okay. However, he might learn something new.
  3. There’s always a need for a channel if the energy is too high, a tutor can be that channel.

In the end, the decision making lies with you. As parents, you know better if your child really needs a tutor or not. A tutor can help him perform better by daily engaging him with problems and quick tricks. But it’s your child who has to study. If your child is really interested to crack this exam then nothing will be in his way of success.