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Secret Tricks that Will Help You Write Better

Whether you are writing a college application, a story, web content, or any other thing, one thing that everyone wants is flair in writing. How to develop this flair? Writing is easily judged based on a readability test that checks if a thirteen-year-old can read and understand it or not. That does not mean you cannot use high vocabulary.  It means that you have to place your words in a rhythm. That rhythm should make readers understand the context of your sentences easily. This cadence should bind them so that they always want to read the next sentence, or paragraph.

  1. Research and Notes

Before penning down anything, do your research. Read some scholarly articles, similar blogs, and not just to gain knowledge but also to understand their presentation. Make a goal in your mind as to what you want to explain and how.

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Follow your favorite writers and blogs for their unique style. Try what they do or learn from them on how to excel in a certain style of writing. It should not be taken as copying others’ content but learning from them to develop your unique style of writing.

  1. Expression and Specificity

Make a goal to be specific to the content and not lurk around needless elaborations. Otherwise, your content will undergo the fog of misjudgments and futility. Always express your thoughts and don’t just assume that people will understand. Nobody knows what goes on in your mind so you need to express everything clearly.

Use proper nouns more often and use better words. Write in a way that readers can imagine what you write. For example, Jack sat by the corner table, the spot he loves, to order his usual: a cup of coffee and chocolate chip brownies with a cherry on the top.

  1. Pace and Information

Set up a pace for your readers by keeping them in mind.  For example, If your readers are children, then always break the sentences into simpler parts for them to make good flow. Making sense out of large sentences need expertise over a language that new learners and children often lack.

Don’t give too much information about a topic in one go. Gradually unfold the puzzles for them to gain a grip over the content. This will keep them engaged for a longer time.

  1. Online Tutors and Tools

You can take help of online tutors. They are professionals and they make your learning journey smoother and more practical. There are many tools available over the internet for you to check and edit your writing once you are done with it. These tools do not just help you with grammar but also help in making complex sentences easier. However, you need to have a good basic knowledge.

 New writers while trying to make their writing effective use more adverbs and tough vocabulary. It’s obviously a mistake; your sentences should also sound nice. If the reader comes across a tough word, it should leave a mark on him and not leave him confused and make him skip the paragraph.

  1. Editing and Curating

There is hardly any writer perfect enough to submit the first draft of their writing. Everyone needs a pinch of editing and charm of curating. And that’s okay, it may seem redundant and, honestly, it is, but you must to go through your piece to make it perfect. Perfection is never reached on the first attempt, rather it requires continuous humble attempts. Also, remember, right punctuation matters a lot.

Curating is the technique of writing new sentences and rewriting sentences so that they add up to the flow of reading. Decide your favorite: “Jessica wore a unique red gown to the ball dance.” Or “Jessica entered the ballroom with a bewitching smile. Her red gown was a signal that she is an enchantress and has a love for the exotics.”

These five tips are for you to keep in mind while writing so you write better. There is no hidden formula that can give efficacy to your words. You need to be more attentive when you shape your sentences. You should have a good hold on the language. Once you accept that you can do better with your content, half of your work is already done.

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