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Personalized Live Coding Classes for Kids Online

In the coming era, the IT sector will solely contribute to a major portion of employment. One should guess from this the significance that coding will hold up in the future. Coding is the language used to communicate with a machine. Yes, it is difficult to grasp upon. Yes, it needs an ample amount of practice. Yes, it is scary not just at the beginning but throughout. But that’s okay. If your children start their coding journey at their verdant ages, then they will become masters by the time they grow up. Vnaya has brought up personalized live coding classes for interested students. It is a much-needed trend in the educational field and a distinctive way in which a child learns cumbersome topics easily.

Let’s understand what this is and why this is better than any other coaching classes.

As you know, no two children are equal. Every kid has his pace of learning. Frankly speaking, in a class of 40 students, it is nearly impossible to match every child’s speed. However, that should not be the reason your child lacks behind. A regular, dull class should not decide whether your child can code or not. Your child has a right to learn and we are here to ensure that he does.

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So, we have brought up personalized coding classes, classes that are solely dedicated to teaching your child. In this, your child will be taught with the speed he soothes in. That means there is no rush to complete the syllabus. The child will be taught as long as he needs.

How are these classes optimum ?

  • This extra attention will boost them to learn better.
  • Their performance will regularly be analyzed.
  • Based upon their performance, the next routine shall be planned.
  • Teachers can keep them motivated in this way.
  • Child will become less hesitant to ask questions when even the simplest of questions will be entertained.
  • Regular assignments, tests, and tasks make their assessment easier.

The journey commences with easy-level programming languages like Scratch. The course is well planned. With basic languages, children develop the stamina to sit for coding. It is because of lesser frustration that High-level programming languages like Java, Python give.

Eventually, children become more familiar with programming tactics. Coding is about two things: Syntax and logic. The syntax is mastered with adequate practice and logic with puzzles. The teachers will contribute sufficient time to both.

Why you should go with our curriculum

  • Coding is taught in a play way manner keeping the age of the child in mind.
  • It means the child will be playing and learning altogether.
  • This approach makes learning fun.
  • Teachers appointed are experts in the field and carry along a zeal to teach.
  • Within weeks, significant changes in the child can be noticed. He will ask for logic and reasons. He will answer questions eloquently and explain everything to you articulately.
  • It serves as a pointer that the child is learning better.

Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics will be the new stars of the coming age. Coding will become an essential skill just like writing is now. That means a person who doesn’t know how to code will be looked down upon. As a parent, no one wishes that their child suffers, especially in a skill that everyone has.

This change is not gradual. It is going on at a higher speed than you can imagine. This is the time when you can push your child forward to learn. In the end, it will always be your decision to continue with classes. Vnaya gives a guarantee of fun classes and interactive learning.

Vnaya is a trusted, international name in the online education industry. Many of our students are successful in their careers. This has happened all because of the dedication with which experts teach students. A child will get the expert who will be best suited for him. This is all done with a successful algorithm. Students who have the curiosity to learn more and know more will benefit much better from our sessions.



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