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Parenting in Pandemic

COVID-19 is spreading like anything. With death cases rising, reoccurring waves, displaced people, hunger rising, there are so many things happening around us. What’s the news now? Variants of the corona, which are stronger, by the way, are also attacking us. Parenting in a pandemic is going to be exigent in many new ways. As adults, death is not a new concept to us. But for children, the idea of death isn’t fully explored. So they don’t know how to access this information precisely.  They feel a rush of several emotions when they see all these changes around them.

As humans, the thing that we hate the most is change. Whether it is a schedule or a new interface of a social media app, we always feel some discomfort at starting.

This pandemic situation is similar. You are working from home. Children are studying at home. You can’t visit your relatives/ friends that often. At this moment you have three challenges while parenting in the pandemic:

  1. Keep your children emotionally and physically strong.
  2. Continue your job at home and their studies.
  3. Sticking together but not invading privacy.

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How can this be achieved?

Keep your Children Emotionally and Physically Strong

  1. First, talk to them about how they feel about the current situation. If they speak up, only then do they let it go. Once they open up, you can provide peace to their frightened minds. Make sure that it’s absolutely fine to feel such emotions at this time period.

  2. Don’t be afraid to tell them the danger corona is carrying. It is never good to keep them in the dark. Tell them it is a vicious infection that is taking lives all over the world. However, also tell them that we can be safe if we maintain basic hygiene and social distancing.

  3. They must be missing their old routine. They desperately want to return to that routine. Especially teenagers would be feeling a whole rush of things they can’t even explain. To overcome this, you can ask them to call their friends and relatives when they feel like it. Understand their emotions.

This situation has some positive sides too. Show them the brighter side and make them comfortable in sharing their thoughts, concerns and emotions.

Continue Your Job and Their Studies

  1. Pandemic can be an excuse to feeling emotional, but it can’t come in the way of their studies. Focus on entrance exams, academics, and extracurricular hobbies. Pandemic can’t stop our young generation from learning and exploring their potential. We are in an internet era and things are accessible with just one click.

  2. Set a schedule of everything. Divide the time you will give to your job and their studies. They will definitely encounter problems in understanding challenging study related concepts. But you can’t send them out for tutors because of the COVID spread. This is the best time to hire a private tutor online. Online tutoring might be a new concept for you but it is effective.

  3. You need to stay connected to their learning progress. Regularly check their homework. Ask them to tell how they spent their day. Ask them questions but in a soothing tone. If possible, motivate them to take up an online course and explore something new.

Stick Together but don’t Invade Privacy

Surely this is going to be tough. And that’s okay. We learn every day. Don’t be troubled by the fact that your children are avoiding you and don’t seem interested in making a conversation. It’s not you, it’s the situation. WE ARE ALL GOING THROUGH THIS.

  1. Help each other prepare meals. While doing so talk about random stuff and tell each other stories. As a parent, you will have to take the initiative.

  2. Don’t turn every story into life learning. Just enjoy that they are there with you. Let them be free around you. You can observe them better this way. Don’t go calling and knocking in each other’s room after every second. That’s what hurts the most. They’d feel like they are being watched over. Just keep some healthy checks.

  3. Get off to bed soon and take a good rest. Give your children and yourself some alone time before you sleep.

In the end, don’t forget that they rely upon you for everything. You will have to help them, motivate them, and engage them so that they stop feeling scared and enjoy your time together. Vnaya provides world-class courses online. Enroll your children in the course they always find challenging. There is no guarantee when the pandemic ends but it is a guarantee that your kid will definitely learn and grow. This pandemic has made parenting challenging, but you will get through it.