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OC 2020 Changes and How this Affects your Child

Opportunity class, as we all know is the best way to train your child for selective school entrance exams. But as the world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s OC placement will take a different turn. Usually, for placement of OC, marks attained by a student along with school assessment score played a major role.

However, this year, the authorities have taken the decision to neglect the school assessment score and place a student only based on the test score attained by the student.

We are all concerned about how this will affect our children’s placement. However, this should be taken positively as your child will only be going through one phase of assessment. If your child had worked hard for the exam, then he will definitely get placed in a good school.

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What you should do at this point ?

AT this point, the only thing that matters is keeping internal peace and maintaining calmness. If your child has already given the test and now you can do nothing besides wait.

  1. If your child gets placed in a good opportunity class then it’s a matter of joy. You should start planning for the future now that you have gotten on a good path.

  2. But in case you are not amongst the lucky ones then don’t worry. It is not written anywhere that only OC placed students crack selective school tests or have a better future for that matter.

What you should do in future

  1. For OC-placed students, it will be time for good studies. They will have to focus as hard as they can to crack seats in top Selective Schools and direct their lives towards a bright future.

  2. For those, who did not get a place. It’s no time for sorrow. It’s time to analyze where you stand. If you think that your child has the potential to do it in the next attempt, then give it another go. Hire a private tutor, numerous online private tutors are available to teach deserving children. If your child works hard then he can crack the selective school test. Moreover, a good teacher plays a vital role in the success of a student.

  3. In OC, they provide an extra challenging curriculum that enables students to use more thinking abilities and logic to solve problems. A private tutor can do that for you. There are enough doors in the world if one gets shut.

  4. If you think this is it for your child, then remember this is not only your decision to take. Ask your child for his view, what he wants to do, and come to a mutual decision.

  5. A good school and teacher can provide you with a quality education, but it is the student who has to study and work hard. Good Students can work hard in regular schools too and the world has seen many successful people from regular schools. Never forget that Albert Einstein was home schooled. If your child wants to learn extra in the future, then you can hire him a tutor for extra classes. We are in a digital era and online learning is available and accessible throughout the globe.

Changes in Opportunity class placements are not unexpected. The world is seeing the horrors of the pandemic and staying healthy is the most important thing right now. Placement in a good opportunity class may or may not be a good decision depending upon the type of locality your child gets placed in. Not the whole of the country is the same in safety measures. Stay positive no matter what! There is no need to feel anxious or lose hope. They are children and have a long life ahead. They will discover a way to live a good and healthy life. As parents, you can only guide them, help them when required, but it is their lives to decide for.

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