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Live Online Tutoring VS Learning from Prerecorded Youtube Videos

Teachers are in a great position to help students understand what they need to work on, or to develop study habits that will continue to pay them back in the future. The idea that tutoring is solely for a few section of people is also rapidly changing. This has rather become a stark fact in the most tough time of Covid-19 now, when online learning is becoming the norm, and is not a choice anymore. Online tutoring is fairly priced and their tutors are available whenever needed by the students in a customized pattern. On the other hand, most of the learning Youtube videos are freely available to access as they are. It is also seen that all over the world, schools are considering tutoring to address the problems brought about by the pandemic. With the present crisis of Covid-19, more students than ever are falling behind grade level. It is also true for students who previously did not have trouble in school are facing problems with their studies. To make the students adjust and meet with the reality of the students who are unable to physically attend classes given the COVID-19 circumstances, teacher and educators try hard to balance their work with the learning needs of the children.

To help parents and students, useful and high-quality learning content is created by education-focused creators on YouTube to make learning more convenient. With the advent of Covid-19, more and more students than ever are falling behind grade level. We all know that YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google.  Every day, millions of people search for videos about anything you can imagine and that includes educational content, too. As a learner or an educator these videos are the biggest resources as they can improve your learning outcome and simplify things for the students. Now that due to the Covid scenario, schools are mostly closed and students have to do self learning apart from the online schools that they have to attend. They are in a new situation and are finding it hard to cope with their studies. Online tutoring and educational YouTube videos prove to be of great help to the students. Let’s find out in what way learning through online tutoring and youtube videos can be beneficial to the students.

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Learning from Youtube Videos:

In recent times, YouTube has turned from a digital entertainment to a great environment for learning. YouTube is being used in eLearning and here we will find out how making it part of your eLearning course can truly benefit your eLearning. Youtube learning videos are very powerful learning tool, as they add energetic element to your eLearning courses. In a way it helps to improve knowledge transfer, demonstrate complex procedures, and help explain difficult topics in simplified way. They can also be particularly entertaining and re-watched as many times as you wish. The video-sharing website YouTube can provide unlimited opportunities to enhance your learning through the countless videos available. Educators can also create their own to help their learners achieve their learning goals and objectives. One can find hours of expert’s advice than any student could watch in a single lifetime. An interesting fact is that most videos can be watched with subtitles, and played at slower speeds. For many learners subtitles makes understanding easier than spoken English. Videos can be paused and replayed until you understand every word. Expert knowledge used to be a rare and expensive thing, but YouTube has changed this concept as more and more educators have come forward to share their knowledge through this means. YouTube is a very well-sorted database. You can search for precise topics, and can find a relevant video with the information you were looking for. Youtube videos are short and to the point as long videos do not interest the viewers.  YouTube is a great tool for when learning starts to feel bored and one is struggling with getting a concept clear. YouTube adds some valuable flavour to your study cocktail.

Downside of YOUTUBE Prerecorded Videos-

The only con of youtube learning videos is that the videos cannot talk back. Sooner or later you will need someone to converse and guide you in order to make real progress. Here comes the importance of the live online tutor. Take 1-on-1 lessons with an online tutor and you will be able to put all of the skills you have learned in practice. Self-learning hours on YouTube and real-time feedback from an online tutor proves to be a powerful combination.

Learning through live online tutor:

It is true that you can use YouTube videos to introduce a topic, explain an online activity, motivate your learners, or simply extend the information conveyed, but at certain point of your learning you might be in a need for a live online tutor. Live online tutor can explain difficult concepts in a simplified way by using relevant Youtube videos, which allows better illustration for complex concepts. Videos are ideal for demonstrating steps and guiding the learners through a process and video clip can truly be very effective. Visual contexts help learners to acquire and retain knowledge easily, as well as sharpen their skills, as demonstration is the most effective way to pass on a message.

Learning becomes fun if the tutor introduces relevant videos as she/he explains a particular concept.  Even complicated math concepts can be explained along with funny videos to facilitate the understanding of calculation. The tutor in this process can discover some easy ways to develop your student’s desire to learn.  The tutor can also simply have students watch topic-based videos and then question them to see if the lesson is learned. It is a fun method that will keep their interest, because YouTube has become such a popular platform.

However, technology has made learning interesting and creative. Learning can be done at one’s one pace and requirement. These ideal forms of mobile learning are inviting more and more learners which in turn lead to expansion of knowledge. Understanding the importance of Youtube videos and live online tutoring we should incorporate these means in our learning courses as necessary tools and resources.