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Importance of Coding

It is rightly the demand of the prevalent times or need of the hour to get adapted in the world of digitalisation, where everything is about technological know-how and technical soundness. Knowingly and unknowingly everyone is extensively and vigorously using technology. The world is more accessible and interconnected through the use of the great world wide web originated from digitalisation. The base of everything is CODING!

Coding is the language of the computer that follows our command in the form of codes and delivers output flawlessly beyond one’s imagination. In this segment we are highlighting the importance of Coding, as a learning ability and also as a career choice. Today every business is digitalised, we switch to smart phones, e commerce, e sports and games, accounting, fee depositing, bill paying, money transaction and numerous more avenues which are performed through software development and web applications which are created through coding alone.

Coding for kids

A while back it was unfathomable to tell a young kid to code. Why should he/she learn coding and go for programming classes? Does coding prove to be more lucrative in a tender age or a burden for the tiny minds? The word coding scares one in respect of a young mind until not understood in the correct way. Coding in simple words is a language meant to communicate with the man-made machine called the computer. Yes, man created computer and no creation can be bigger and more potent than the creator itself, so how can it be impossible to learn coding. Through coding web apps, software and video games can be built and executed. The scope of coding is unfathomable and innumerable things have been made possible through the same. Now a days there is proliferation of programming classes, coding summer camps as well as coding websites for kids.

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  1. Coding triggers young brains

    Young brains of kids are more potent to grasp unlimited knowledge and new things more efficaciously. Coding provides unrivalled opportunities to utilize their efficiency in creative manner. Video games are so popular among kids, they utilize all their imaginations and possibilities to create tools and open new stages in these games. Coding provides right environment to harvest their knowledge to innovate and create and gives shape to their excellent ideas.


  1. Coding induces curiosity

    A stagnant mind getting everything what is fed to it is in vain and it eventually becomes a house of cramming lacking creativity. Through coding new ideas prevail in kid’s mind which is transformed in to meaningful shape. Thus, coding induces curiosity in kids. If you want to see miracle then watch a 3 years old kid with his toy blocks, in few minutes he/she will create amazing structures and also give it an unexpected name. Think! What will be the level of creation when in an appropriate environment and opportunities will be provided to these tiny but extraordinary brains?

  2. Coding inculcates creativity

    Programming classes for coding delivers tremendous opportunity to kids to learn coding in a unique step by step process. Coding enhances the creativity as well as problem solving skill in kids. Kids keep on trying new as well as innovative ways to reach at a conclusion or solution of the problem.  Thus, he follows different ways and keeps drilling his mind until he gets to an appropriate solution. It will also help the kids to study other subjects in the same way by focusing on the matter and creatively solve problems. Learning and practising coding reinforces analytical thinking among kids which can be utilized in any field.

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  3. Coding Ensures Bright Career

    Although technology is growing at an extensive pace with each passing moment, day to day new innovations are emerging out and new problems arise for what there will always be need of coders to reach at appropriate solution through their talent and skill. Thus, coding proliferates diversified career opportunities for coming generation. With the advancement of technology digitalisation career in coding seems very bright and secure. Even basic knowledge of some coding languages like C, C++, .NET, VBScript and Java scripts are used to write computer programs as well as applications with great utility.

Effective Coding Learning

For the beginners, parents can explore best coding website for kids where basic skills for coding can be acquired through online personalized teaching. Summer camps for programming languages and vocational courses are also available in many places. Vnaya is one of the best educational sites among others which also offers great range of programming languages in programming classes from basics to advance through dedicated online tutorial sessions. You can effectively learn and acquire the skill of building websites, application development and analysis of data through Vnaya in systematic planned way and at very reasonable prices.