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How Students Can Maintain Academic Progress during Coronavirus?

Traditional Classrooms have now shifted online in the times of CoronaVirus. Rather than freezing all the classes, delivering education has been transferred on the virtual platform. This is making it hard for the students to adapt to the new technique and continue their education.

Even after getting support from the administration, the students are struggling to adapt to the new changes. Here are a few things that the students need to keep in mind in order to maintain academic progress during the pandemic:

  • Being at home for 24 hours a day can bring a lot of distractions. For instance, sometimes you get distracted by your siblings, the discussions going on in the house, or because of the lingering smell of snacks in the kitchen among other examples. Overusing phones or sitting in front of television can also distract you from your studies. Staying focused in such an environment will be tough for the students.

Luring these distractions is the most prominent way to focus on your studies for academic success. Students can do it by setting up boundaries with their family members to study in peace by putting up “Do Not Disturb’ boards on the door of their room. They can also go to the most silent place of their home to stop themselves from being distracted.

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To stop from getting distracted by phone or television, download apps to limit your screen time that lets you access the electronics only for some specific time.

  • Keeping a daily routine can be good for your mental health. If you have a set a routine, it is unlikely to fall out of it. Keeping a planner can help you to complete the goals and tasks on time. Students can write down the deadline of assignments, exam dates as well as non-academic things such as exercise, video games and many more on the planner.

Working according to the routine and maintaining a planner will help them to complete their studies in time and still have extra time for revision. It will also help them to focus on the topics they forget to cover or have skipped in the past.

  • Using printed resources for studies can be a great way as they are not harsh for your eyes as compared to the materials available online. There are also many study materials available online which you can take print of and read. Printed materials are easy to read as you can highlight the important parts for revision.

Hard copies are a great way to study as you focus more when you read a printed material than the materials online. Interactive sessions also promote learning and recalling, which makes the students work on hand copies.

  • Because of the pandemic and sudden closure of schools, students might think that they are understanding things partially or they did not get to understand it as much as they could have.

To fulfill these knowledge gaps, students can take up online tutoring. Online classes can help them to cover topics they think they have not understood. Watching youtube videos can also be helpful to fulfill the gaps and boost up their confidence in order to learn and perform better.

  • Practising things that they have learnt can help being successful in their school life. Students should revise and practice the content that has been studied in the class to get a clear grasp of it. Learning in an online medium will be equally beneficial as a regular class and so they need to revise it too.

  • Being patient with yourself is most needed when students are attending classes online. Sometimes they might think that they are not understanding anything, not technically advanced or can get disconnected because of network failures. This requires patience. As they will be attending classes online, problems will be there but they need to find a solution. For example: If they are not tech savvy, this is the time to know more about technology.

Reach out to your teachers and parents if you face some issues with the course or network. Ask your teachers to tell you more about the school’s platform and other technicalities that you need to understand.

In the time of pandemic, staying positive and feasible with the studies is important to understand the changing paradigm of education. If not sure what could help the students, then they can begin from the tips above.

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