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How Online Tutoring Can Help Students with a Learning Disability?

Everybody has their own unique style of eating and walking which applies to learning as well. A good education is needed for all whether it is a student with abilities or disabilities. Online tutoring can be easy but not for disable people. Getting good teachers on an online platform is a blessing for the disabled students to get the wheel of their career moving. Online education has a combination of various kinds of students needing tutors that would help them to break stereotypes and help them to overcome their struggles of new barriers that would help the disabled kids to keep up with their other classmates.

There are times when these special kids are neglected because they need the special way to learn things. Kids with disabilities tend to face hundreds of barriers, especially in the case of getting a good education. The only possible way to make their life easy is by providing them quality education to let them meet their goals. These students are unlucky as they do not get teachers who can give them one – to – one attention in school. A different way  of learning is just about a slight difference in the wiring of the brain. According to professionals, a learning disability can never be cured or fixed but a good tutor can help them achieve heights in life.

Students with learning disabilities have a hard time learning things taught in a traditional classroom which can be eliminated through one -to- one interaction and different methods. These kids often get frustrated and distracted because of their disabilities and start to think that they do not deserve education in life.

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In the time of pandemic, studies have been affected the most and for disabled students, it stole their chance of a bright future. Online tutoring can help these kids to excel in life only if it is done in the right manner. Here are some points that say how online tutoring can help these kids:

  1. Tech Visualization technique:

Students who are more prone to visual learning can learn and remember things better when they see or imagine them. With the help of online tutoring, visual learning can help these kids to process the information easily in a manner that they prefer. In this way of learning, tutors can ask the students to imagine things and draw an image in his mind and then describe the image in their own language. When they describe the image, tutors ask their own elaborated questions which makes the imagination power of the students stronger and also help them to learn things in their own visualized manner.

  1. Building Up Confidence:

With the help of online tutoring sessions, the disabled students can not only learn, but also build up their confidence too. The tutors know that learning is not only about academics and getting good grades but also about being confident about themselves. A tutor can help the students to boost their self- esteem. This is because the tutors are teaching these students in a customized manner, which they understand that would help them to overcome their fears of not learning and help to be confident of their abilities. All these things will make them think positively and optimistically towards their future.

  1. Ideal Tutors For Customized Learning:

Disabled students need teachers who can customize their way of teaching to make the students understand more effectively and easily than any other traditional way of teaching. These tutors can repeatedly check whether the techniques they tried are working or not and then modify it according to the issues faced by the students. They also address the techniques that target the weakness of disabled students and help them to overcome them and make them capable of retaining the necessary information.

Not all tutors are well qualified to come up with techniques for learning and attention issues that could help these students. For such instances, parents should find a special education tutor rather than a traditional tutor who knows and are well versed in this specialization of teaching.

  1. Help with Homework and Enhance Study Habits:

Disabled students easily get frustrated with home based assignments. This becomes the contributing factor in these students losing interest in homework or any other form of learning. Specialized tutors for them can assist to complete their work on time by encouraging and motivating them. This makes a positive change in their behavior and makes them feel better when they understand that they can complete their work even if it is not in a traditional way.

  1. Observation of Students:

When the disabled kids observe that they can learn things with ease, they tend to be more focused on their studies than before. The tutors also keep a check on these students and find out what they can do further to increase their level of learning and make their retaining power more strong.

  1. Listening to Students:

These specialized teachers focus on what the disabled students say and try to understand their problem in order to solve it. They also try to make a better learning environment for the students so they do not feel and get demotivated because of their disabilities.

With the help of online tutoring, these students can excel in life and will not feel the burden of their disabilities. It will also help them to understand that there are several other ways to learn things rather than going the traditional way. They are special and that is why they need a specialized way that the tutor can help them to understand in order to motivate and encourage them to work hard towards their studies.