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How Is Vedic math Really Helpful For Kids

Vedic math comprises of basic sixteen Sutras or Word Formulae and thirteen sub-sutras or sub-formulae. These sutras provide shortcut techniques to solve numerical calculations in a fraction of seconds. Results can be ten to fifteen times quicker than normal methods.

Mathematical techniques of Vedic math are more systematic, simplified, unified, and faster than the traditional system – Vedic Mathematics provides an entirely different approach to the analysis of Mathematics based on pattern recognition, using a flexible, mental system. These analyses can be verified by rapid cross-checking systems.

Students can invent their methods combining different sutras, they are not limited to the one ‘correct’ method. This leads to more creative, interested, and intelligent students, eliminating their anxiety and fear caused by math.

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Advantages of Vedic math

Vedic math has advantages for both lovers and haters of calculations. Since Vedic math uses a simple calculation method, lovers of mathematics enjoy doing speedy calculations. For people who hate calculations, Vedic Math makes most tough calculations easy.

  1. With the minimum effort involved, students could recheck the steps and formulas, which helps improve their memory power and concentration.

    2. When the basics are clear, a child can solve the most complex issues involving cube roots, square roots, cubes, reciprocals, and squares with ease.

    3. Students with the knowledge of Vedic Mathematics have been said to perform better in competitive exams such as CAT. This is because of its speed and accuracy.

    4. Vedic math is not restricted to Arithmetic, it can also be applied for geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

    5. In traditional methods, addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. are done from left to right but in Vedic math, it is done either way. Hence, students need to involve both the left and right sides of the brain (for innovation and intuition), enhancing their capacity and performance. The answers can be verified easily and quickly. Moreover, the accuracy will be far better than calculators.

When Should Kids Start Learning Vedic math?

Parents, who are interested in teaching concepts of Vedic math, often wonder, ‘When is the correct age to start learning Vedic math?’

There is no defined age to start learning anything new or picking up a new skill, but the earlier one starts, the better one gets. Kids are more creative than adults because of the developing prefrontal cortex of the brain.  As a parent, if you let your child start learning a new skill or try different activities from a younger age, it will help the child to absorb information and facts faster and enhance their abilities through creativity.

How Can It Help Kids?

Vedic Mathematics transforms a tedious topic into an interesting one and offers flexibility, enjoyment, and satisfaction while improving visualization and concentration skills. The following reasons help us to understand how Vedic math is helpful to the kids.

  • Integrity:   Learning the ethics of Vedic mathematics makes understanding the subject easy. One rule can be implemented in various operations.

  • Simplicity:  Simplicity of the calculations is the most unique feature of Vedic math. Regardless of the value of the number, any calculation can be done in a few steps.

  • Creativity:   Students can get creative by using and combining different methods and techniques for calculations. And thereby challenging them to implement these methods with added creativity and innovate more math tricks.

Quick and accurate response: Most of the problems can be solved mentally with a few steps saving time and increasing accuracy. Even problems like Square, cube, Square root or Cubic root of the larger number can be solved mentally through Vedic mathematics

Improve Memory and Concentration: Most of the calculations are performed without pencil and paper and the students are required to remember the outcome of the calculations.

  • Speedy learning:  It gives you a 10-15 times faster and accurate result as compared to the traditional method. It also sharpens the mind of children and increases mental agility and intelligence.

  • Intuition skills: Vedic Mathematics helps to develop the intuition ability of the students. It also helps in developing their creative and logical instincts and improves concentration. It will also help them to achieve excellence in any career they choose. It also eradicates fear of Math cultivating an interest in numbers. And thereby improves academic performance.

  • Application of Vedic math: Vedic math Sutras can be applied in every aspect of Mathematics, be it arithmetic operations or geometry, trigonometry or analytical astronomy, calculus, integral or differential, etc.

Vedic math Tricks for Kids

There are several basic tricks and applications in Vedic math that will make calculations a lot easier for the kids.

1.Squaring the Number Ending with 5

You have to multiply the second digit with itself then add 1 to the first and multiply by itself putting25 in the end For Example, Find the square of 25

Step 1.  5×5 =…….25(at the end)

Step 2.   2x(2+1)= 2×3 = 6

Hence, the answer is 625

  1. Subtraction from 1000, 10000, 100000, etc

You have to subtract the first few digits from 9 and the last digit from 10

For Example:- 1000 – 357

Step 1. 9-3 = 6

Step 2. 9-5 = 4

Step 3. 10-7 = 3

Answer for 1000- 357 = 643

  1. Multiplying a Two-Digit Number with 11

Imagine a space between the two-digit number which has to be multiplied by 11.

you have to add both digits and put the result of the addition in the imagined space Example:- 17×11 Step 1. 1_7 Step 2. 1+7= 8 Answer:- 187


Vedic mathematics is an ancient concept, re-introduced as a blessing for people with math phobia. Vedic math ease their phobia and spark an interest in numbers. By applying tricks and sutras, kids can easily solve challenging problems within seconds. Without any mental pressure and more creativity and accuracy, they can solve the most complex situations. Vedic math encourages students to practice mental calculations, which when practiced in the right way can help the students to excel in any competitive exam.


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