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How COVID 19 Affects AP Tests in 2021

Recent announcements by the College Board recommend that Advanced Placement exams be given at the end of each academic year in 2021. AP assessment procedures remain impacted by the coronavirus pandemic this year, though they differ substantially from those in 2020.

During what have been a trying time for education and the world in general, the College Board is extending more assessment options in 2021. These are the AP testing sessions students should expect this year.

Exam dates for 2021 AP exams

There will be a relatively long period between early May and mid-June for the end-of-year AP exams. The College Board will organize exam dates into three phases, which they refer to as administrations 1, 2 and 3.

The first administration will run May 3-7, 10-12, 14 and 17; the second administration is slated for May 18-21 and 24-28; and the third administration is slated for June 1-4 and 7-11.

You should mark your calendar carefully, since many transitions between administrations take place midweek.

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Here are the AP Exam Formats for 2021.

Each AP exam is formatted differently according to the administration to which it has been assigned. One administration, for example, will consist only of paper-based, full-length tests given in schools. On administration 2, paper-based exams will be given in school and digital exams will be given at school and at home, while on administration 3, digital exams will be primarily given at home and in school.

The official start time of the paper-based exams and non-English language exams can be up to an hour after the official start time. The paper-based exams will be held in local time. Nevertheless, the digital tests will be launched simultaneously across the globe, which means they will run simultaneously everywhere.

The 2021 AP exam schedule includes more specific information about testing, but the finalized exam schedule for your school may differ from the comprehensive calendar you see online.

Also, keep in mind that digital AP exams require typed responses, so smartphones cannot be used to take them. A digital exam application will need to be installed on the computer used for the test, rather than the same platform used for emergency testing in spring 2020.

Understand the Format of the AP Exam

To find out when and how you will take the test, you must contact your school directly. There are many options for AP testing offered by the College Board, but each school determines its own schedule and examinations based on that.

2021 AP Exam Preparation: What to Prepare For

These study tips may be helpful for those who are sitting for their first digital AP exam.

Get familiar with the online testing process. It’s different from taking a paper exam. To prepare for online testing, switch from printed to digital test prep materials as soon as possible.

You can find free resources on the internet. You can find information and free practice resources regularly by visiting the College Board’s news and updates section.

Here are some suggestions that may help you if you have limited time to prepare for your AP exams.

Get to know the format of the AP exam. Test-taking strengths and weaknesses are unique to each individual, so use this insight to optimize your chances of a high score on the exam.

You should also allow yourself a bit of time at the end of AP math tests to check your work if you are prone to making careless mistakes. Also, know whether your exam is only available in one format, such as music theory and languages like Latin – or whether you can take some assessments on paper and others electronically, such as chemistry.

Take only the assessments you need. In the last few weeks before your AP test, you will not be able to review all class material. Selective study of the challenging portions of the course is the best strategy.

Use these two methods if you are preparing for more than one exam at once.

Make a schedule for yourself.
By keeping a schedule, students can spend more time meeting all of their academic needs during the AP exam week. Organize your schedule so that you set aside realistic blocks of time for studying and take breaks as needed. You should space out your review sessions appropriately if you are taking two tests on the same day or multiple exams in a row.

Alternate methods of reviewing.
Think about what works for you when it comes to studying. Does working in a group suit you better than working alone? When dealing with vocabulary, could you use one study method – such as using flashcards – while addressing free-response questions using another – such as summarizing key primary documents? As you learn different skills for different AP subjects, variation can help you avoid boredom and burnout.

Make sure you’re up-to-date on the changes to AP tests for 2021 and prepare accordingly to excel on this spring’s exams.

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