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Does your Child Need a Tutor?

The one-to-one teaching learning process is great academic support. Every child has individuality concerning ability, perception, learning style, intelligence, growth, and development. For a better and productive teaching-learning process it is important to consider the individual differences. However, in classroom learning, it is not possible due to a greater number of students and limited time. A teacher cannot focus on every student and imparting knowledge through different teaching methodology and styles.

During the individualized teaching-learning process, it is easier to understand the learning needs, ability, and extent of a child’s perception. This knowledge gives tremendous possibilities to modify teaching methods and styles according to the child’s interests and needs.

Why does a child need a tutor?

  1. One-to-one interaction:

The greatest advantage of hiring a tutor is to build one-to-one interactions. There are no other students to create to create distraction and noise. A child can effectively concentrate on the tutor’s instruction. On the flip side, the tutor can create intense sessions in the solace that cover more content than classroom learning.

  1. Assistance with homework and tests:

For a child, homework is a task to finish without engaging with the subject matter. A tutor provides great assistance to the child in completing the homework and understanding it to ensure the formation of the right concept. The child gets help for test preparation, revision, and in troubleshooting the weak point by the tutor.

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  1. Flexibility and convenience:

With the advent of online tutoring, it has become possible to absorb knowledge from the best tutors in the world. Online tutoring offers immense convenience in terms of time flexibility. Parents and children are free to schedule teaching-learning sessions. They can learn from anywhere. There are several online tutoring sites dedicated to delivering the best learning experience through outstanding methodology and approaches.

  1. Learning with self-esteem:

In classroom learning, most of the students feel shy about asking their doubts. They cannot admit their failure in perceiving and understanding the subject matter. As a result, their doubts remain unclarified. While in online tutoring there is no peer pressure to judge their ability. They can ask questions and also talk about learning issues. And consequently, gain a hold on the subject with improved self-esteemed and confidence.

  1. Individualized Learning:

In the one-on-one, teaching-learning process the tutor is well aware of the student’s ability, learning pace, and ways to perceive the subject matter. So, a tutor can excellently design lessons and tailor teaching styles to match student’s learning requirements.

Children recently are preoccupied with academic, extracurricular, and activities. They hardly get time to relax and clarify their concepts through self-study. They probably need a tutor, who can understand their needs and guide them to pursue their academic goals.

How can a tutor implicate effective strategies in the way students learn best?

One-to-one tutoring is the key to a better learning experience. It provides tremendous possibilities to tutor to create effective strategies to bring the best outcome from students.

  • Tailored instructions:

Differentiate instructions allow tutors to deliver tailored instructions with regards to pace, ability, and style of learning. Individualized instructions help students to engage their strengths and interests for a better learning process. In this way, a tutor can accommodate student’s learning abilities.

  • Diversified learning style:

Starting a teaching-learning process by imparting varied styles and methodology helps a tutor to know which way is best for the learner. Online tutoring platforms provide a rich learning experience through different learning styles and methodologies. They impart education in a way that involves all senses for learners.

  • Regular practice and assignment:

Evaluation is the best way to track a child’s performance. After delivering instructions on one topic, tutor can ask questions in the form of a quiz or can give the assignment to assess the efficiency of the teaching-learning process. Student’s regular practice helps to gain proficiency and also gives the tutor an insight to improve learning strategies.

  • Active participation of learner:

For an excellent performance, active participation of the child is a must. Personalized tutoring helps tutors to interact with the child and focus on the learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Creating goal-related activities enhances the participation and interest of the learner. A tutor can give small tasks about the covered subject matter in the form of tests, activities, and quizzes for engaging learners genuinely.

  • Remedial teaching:

Diagnosing a learner’s performance is vital for the best learning experience. It helps to discover problematic areas that inhibit learning. A tutor can provide remedial teaching by changing strategies and approaches according to learner’s needs.

Online tutoring helps tutors to nurture a child’s competency in a better way. they provide easy and affordable access to outstanding teaching strategies and styles to retrieve the best results.

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