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Learn Math At Home For Children

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Sometimes your children may feel lost when they are studying math, while sometimes, you may feel lost when they ask you questions related to mathematics. It is quite normal. There are times when things are not clear in your child's mind, and that causes them to lose focus. Also, as a parent, you are not supposed to know everything about a subject. Know that you and your child are not alone. There are many children and parents who feel lost. Not only children and parents, teachers, and other degree holders also get lost when a child asks them a question. Everyone feels daunted by math, and it is a fact.

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Understand that mathematics education is not as static as we think it is. We might like it to be static, but it is not possible to shape it in our way. As we slowly start learning and understanding the brain of human beings, the ways one can teach math are evolving. For many people, there are different types of problems and strategies for every individual. These individual strategies will have a "new math" that seems impenetrable to them.

But before finding the solutions, let's go through the causes that make your child struggle with mathematics:

Lacking the building blocks of the subject: Maths is a cumulative subject for which understanding and learning the building blocks is a must. If your child lacks knowledge about the building blocks of math, they are going to struggle with it.


Mathematics Anxiety: A common struggle with nearly every child is math anxiety. Your child might be feeling math anxiety when they try to avoid the subject, stop responding to the questions, think about low achievement, and start negatively talking about themselves.


Difficulties in learning: It is a  mathematical ability that your child may be struggling with, and this is stopping them from expanding their mathematics knowledge. The symptoms include struggling with memory power, trouble remembering facts about math, not knowing how to apply math logic, or struggles with understanding concepts.


You do not need to transform into a mathematician overnight from a math phobic person, but

you do not need to fear this. There is still hope for the growing evidence that your liking towards math can be changed. Math is completely understandable. The subject is all about how the parents, educators, and peers portray it to the children.

Here are some tips for children to learn at home:

  • Ensure Children Understand The Concept: We all might remember the sheets full of multiplication tables. The table used to haunt us in our childhood. The same goes for your children too. The concept is the most important in every subject. Ensure the child understands every concept of mathematics as it is the thing that can make the subject easy for them.

You should talk with your child and ask them about the concepts that they are facing issues with. One by one, try to solve their problems by making these concepts easy and understandable for your child. Ensure that your child understands the concept. Build several drills and activities that will help the kids to memorise the concepts. Make sure these drills and activities are interesting for your child as they will draw their attention towards the subject. You should look for activities and projects that include math as its solution. Keep math active and playful for your child and not sterile and boring.

  • Tell Them To Write Clearly And Neatly: Handwriting is also an important factor. Teach your children to write clearly and neatly. Clean and neat handwriting contributes to a better understanding and knowledge of mathematics. The easiest way to improve the handwriting of children is by making them trace the letters on graph paper. It will help the child to improve their number writing.

Clear handwriting will make the concepts clear for your child. Soon, you will realise that clear handwriting has helped your kid to understand mathematics better. It will also help them to increase their knowledge of mathematics. It will also make them encounter the right mathematics ideas. As putting an idea on a piece of paper requires a lot of attention and careful thought, clearly writing the solutions of maths is important.


  • Adopt A Positive Attitude: This is the most important tip in terms of mathematics education. It can not even be explained how much this thing will help your child. If you feel that your child is losing motivation in maths studies, try to say positive things "It is fine to be bad at maths", "I understand the fact that it is tough for you. Take your time and do it at your own pace". Tell them that everyone can not be a math person.

  • Start Talking About Maths: You do not need to make any nuisance statements, such as debates or analysis, regarding mathematics when you are talking to your kids about mathematics. You can tell your child to guess the heights or count from one to a hundred. These activities are essential for young children. These activities will make young children feel comfortable and at ease while thinking about mathematics. Depending on the age of your child, decide what topic of mathematics you are going to talk about. Incorporate maths in as many topics as possible whenever the opportunity arises.

  • Teach Your Child Math: Nothing can be better than a parent helping their child in learning math. Teaching is a great way to learn. Try to help your child as much as possible with their homework. Spend time with your kids and teach them the concepts. This will help you to enhance your knowledge and help your child in a better way in the future.


Explain to your kid that you are stuck on the question too, but together you can solve it easily by understanding the concepts. This might spark the light inside your child and keep them motivated to work hard towards their studies.



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