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Enhancing Support for Fathers through Parenting Programs

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There are various studies that display that all parenting programs enable parents to take care of their child in an effective manner. These programs provide struggling parents with the requisite tools needed for parenting. They aim at improving the parenting performance of both mothers and fathers. But through experience, it was found that it was mothers only who participated in these programs, and if the fathers did participate, their numbers are low as compared to the mothers. There is a reason behind this article and as to why you are seeing this: This article aims to encourage and inspire fathers to participate in the rearing of their children actively. Studies have shown that households where fathers play an active role are happier in general than those households where fathers remain absent. The children in such households have happier childhoods as their mother and father actively participate in their upbringing. A broad understanding about this concept shows that when it comes to fathers participation in child care, it is as vital as the mother’s participation.

Fathers need to realize that times have changed, now, as both parents work, the care of children falls on both shoulders and not only the mother’s. One of the reasons why various parenting programs are being set up is that we need to create awareness all around that fathers are equally as important as mothers in managing households, upbringing children, etc. anything that has got to do with maintaining harmonious relationships among family members. After stressing the need to create more involved supportive fathers, the society needs to set up programs that help fathers become wholesome individuals. We have to extend our support to all fathers for this purpose. This is why it is essential that parenting programs are established in schools, community centers, churches and wherever they are needed so that accessible information can be provided to all. When these programs are established, it will be easier for parents to participate and it will in turn lead to fewer matrimonial disputes and create a loving environment at home for the children as well.

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The parenting programs must be made with the utmost sensitivity and care towards parents and their children as it involves the lives of people and if anything goes south because of the program, the children will suffer and this is the last thing anyone wants. So, it is essential that parenting programs are run by licensed social workers with ample experience in dealing with parents and children. There must also be a provision for a licensed therapist who gives counseling to parents struggling in dealing with household maintenance or their children. Sometimes what happens is that children, especially teenagers, lash out at their parents which leads to conflict at home. So, therapists come in handy when parents are faced with situations like these. They can take their children to the therapist or can go themselves so that the therapist may counsel them and provide them healthy coping mechanisms. Also, these parenting programs must be closely monitored by local authorities so that there is a check on their day-to-day functioning. The presence of authorities is vital to check and monitor any sort of abuse and violence at home. The social workers and therapists must report if they find something that does not add up. Proper recourse to authorities is a vital part of parenting programs.

The society as a whole must extend their support to fathers and help them if they struggle with anything. Parenting is not an easy job even if two people are doing it. There are various challenges that parents face every day, and a little help goes a long way. Studies have shown that fathers who support their partners in household and maintenance of children also live a positive matrimonial life and the divorce rates of such couples is also meager. Extending support to fathers through parenting programs will lead to fathers becoming more engaged in taking care of children and also it will help them understand the experience of mothers in rearing children and in turn they will become more sympathetic towards the struggles of their partners.

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