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7 Tips to Succeed in Online Tutoring

The whole Covid 19 situation has flipped everything upside down and in a matter of weeks, many teachers all over the world, whether they are tutors or traditional educators, are stuck trying to move everything online. This sudden shift has led to numerous confusion and concern for the educators as well as the students. The fact is, the present scenario has left us with no options, but to utilize technology to its best and educate our children accordingly. What we get to see now is that the class room teachers are getting transformed to online tutors and are struggling to provide a classroom atmosphere and learning environment to their students. They have to create online content everyday for their students to keep them engaged and make the sessions interactive.

If one thinks that the joy of teaching is in the classroom, you might be worried about the quality of the education imparted online and some might hate the idea of talking to a camera. We need to overcome all these issues and work towards making online teaching the best way to reach our students. We should try to create an ambiance where students might feel that they still have their teachers beside them to guide and mentor.  Here are some tips to succeed in online tutoring which have been learned through various experiences.

Online tutoring not only helps students to achieve their true potential, but also, simultaneously, offers a more flexible lifestyle for you by allowing you to work from the comfort of home choosing your own time. However, starting a successful career in online tutoring is not as easy as it might appear. Here, to execute a successful session one requires both preparation and dedication: to put it in other words, it asks for a high level of professionalism. If you would like to work from home in online tutoring, you should try to follow and implement some of the tips on how to become a successful online tutor.

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Professionally execute your sessions:

Although it is a job done from the comfort of your home, it still requires your best professional behaviour and attitude. One easy tip for feeling more professional is to dress for your tutoring sessions as if you are right in front of the students or at their house. The clothes not only serve to make an impression on your student or their parents, but also keeps your attitude in check and make you feel confident. Try to assure you have a part of a room that you can use strictly for work which is away from any distraction, so you would not associate the place with leisure. Keep your reference books nearby so that it is handy, even though you will not use them on a regular basis. The overall idea is not to waste your students’ time on you trying to find the necessary materials or a book as time matters the most in live online tutoring. Finally, ensure your internet connection is strong enough to support audio and video. In this profession, good internet connection is the most important tool. Back yourself with supporting devices to provide uninterrupted sessions from your end.

Make it interactive and engaging:   

A planned session will help you render a quality session about the requirement of each of your students. You will observe that every student has their own learning style and it is here that you need to show your skill to recognize it and nurture it. However, one common thing that should be prevalent in every session is to make it interactive.

Make your students actively participate by doing the task that you upload and by asking questions while you guide them. Always keep observing, and pay full attention to what they are doing. The most important point to note is that for this type of student-tutor interaction, you must be an expert in your subject. Avoid tutoring the subjects with which you are not comfortable and in which you cannot answer students’ creative questions.

Be expressive in your teaching

Your posture matters a lot. Keep yourself straight and your body as animated as possible to make yourself appear active all the time. If you present yourself as bored, the students will become disengaged. You can only expect them to be enthusiastic in studying when you sound very engaging and eager to teach.

Be available on time

Your timely availability defines you as a tutor. It is a discipline that you practice yourself and want your students to follow. Set an example for them by your timely availability. When you have students interested in getting regular tutoring, ensure you are available at times when they need help the most. Usually they might ask for late night hours when they are studying for an exam or finishing their assignments. It is also possible to have students from different time zones.

Be respectful to your own timing, but keep in mind that students have their way of functioning and as best tutors adapt to their students’ biological clock.

Always be organized:

It is essential to be organized with any course that you are offering, but especially for an online one, organization plays an important role. Organize all of your files in a way that makes sense to you and you can find them easily when needed without wasting the time of the students. Keep note of the work sent to your students and inquire whether the work has been completed when you meet them in the next class. This makes the students feel secure, get a feeling that they are cared after and shows that you are concerned about them.

However, to build a successful career as an online tutor you should be focused and work towards your self-development. You should personally train yourself and sharpen your skills so that each time you meet your students, you are ready to explain the stuff in a simplified manner. Keep a professional attitude towards online tutoring, but remember to present something of your own into your work because that is what distinguishes you, even in the group of the very best.