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7 Tips to Hack High School Math

Math is an integral part of the school curriculum and it has vast applications in both personal and professional fields. To solve math problems, it is important to understand basic mathematics. Many students struggle with math due to a lack of basic knowledge and concept formation. Solving math problems becomes tedious for them and they cannot solve even trivial mathematical problems. The best way to learn math is to relate it to real-life situations. Skilled mathematics teachers have arrays of tricks and mnemonics that make learning math easier for students.

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Here are some useful tips to hack high school Math:

  1. Keep it always visible

“More you use your senses more you retain the subject matter”. Write all important Math formulae and mnemonics on a chart in clear and legible writing. Use different and prominent colors that sensitize the eyes. Paste the chart on the study table or on the wall where learners spend most of their time. They can have easy access to all the formulae and math tricks.


  1. Vedic Math

Techniques always make things easier. Vedic Maths is an ancient form of math originated by Vedas in India. It contains different techniques and tricks that are easy to conceive. Through Vedic Math, students can solve complex calculations without using any calculating device. It also broadens their mental horizon and enhances brainpower.

By using Vedic Math Sutras and Sub-Sutras students can do the rapid calculation in competitive exams also.


Question: Product of 86 and 84.

(For this calculation both numbers must have the same digits at ten’s place.

And the addition of units’ place digits must be 10)

1st step:

Multiply digits at unit’s place i.e., 6 and 4 = 24

2nd step:

Add 1 to ten’s place digit of one number i.e., 8+1= 9

3rd step

Now multiply ten’s place digits i.e., 8 and 9 = 72

Product will be = 7224

  1. Find the square

Here is a simple trick to find the square of a number ending with 5. By applying this hack learners can easily find the square of numbers that end with 5. This Math hack saves students’ calculating time, and they can attempt all the Math questions in their exams.

Question no. 1: Find the square of 35

Step 1: Write the square of 5         = 25

Step 2: Add 1 to another number i.e., 3 = 4

Step 3: Multiply 3 and 4 =12

Answer is 1225

Question no.2: Find the square of 125

Step 1: Write the square of 5      

     = 25

Step 2: Add 1 to another number i.e., 12 = 13

Step 3: Multiply 13 and 12 =156

Answer is 15625

  1. A surprising trick for temperature conversion:


This short concept helps students to convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit without memorizing the formula (C*9/5) +32.

To convert degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply the temperature by 2 and then add 30.



Question: Convert 35 degree Celsius to Fahrenheit.


Multiply temperature by 2 i.e., 35*2 = 70


Add 30 to it i.e., 70+30 = 100


Answer is 100-degree Fahrenheit.


To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, apply the opposite trick.


Question: Convert 100-degree Fahrenheit to Celsius


Subtract 30 from the temperature i.e., 100-30 = 70


Divide it by 2 i.e., 70/2 = 35


The answer is 35-degree Celsius


  1. A simple trick for division by 5

This simple trick is the quickest way to divide a large number by 5.




Question: Divide 576485 by 5

Step1: Multiply the number by 2 i.e., 576485 * 2 = 1152970



Put a decimal before the last digit = 115297.0

 Answer is 115297           


  1. Developing language around the problem

Relating a mathematical problem to real life is the best way to understand the problem. A math tutor should throw different relevant examples to make the language of a problem clearer to students. Math applications are more effective ways to generate students’ interest. It enhances their problem-solving capacity and logical thinking.


  1. Practice and Practice

Practice Math problems set students up to excel. They become more familiar with math formulae and tricks. Practicing math makes students calculate and do mental math in a faster way. Students attain fluency with mathematical symbols and numbers.


Due to circumscribed time and technology, it is impossible to create a perfect classroom environment that equips students with new methods and tricks to learn math. Several online tutoring sites provide opportunities to learn Math from top-notched online math tutors. Use different tricks and hacks. These hacks enable students to achieve academic excellence.