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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching Your Kid Coding

Making your children learn coding will help you groom them and make your child learn new things at a young age. This will not only help your child to build great skills but also this new aspect and trait will act as an add-on in the personality of the child. Before analyzing the mistakes and things that you should avoid before making your children learn to code. You should know what coding is and how it can benefit them.

What is coding?

It is the process of using a programming language to get the computer to behave how you want it to behave you depending on what command you give to your computer. Every line of a code tells the computer to do a specific task. And this is how coding works. The 21st era is the era of technology and advancements and it demands courses like this for kids so that they develop their intelligence. Let us have a look at the mistakes that should be avoided while teaching your children this coursework.

  1. Not implementing and forcing your style of teaching

This is one of the common mistakes that most teachers and parents commit while teaching coding to their children. You have to ensure that you come down to their level in order to make them understand the concepts. The recommended age to learn and understand this language is 9-10 years. Ensure that you can convey and deliver your idea of the concept clearly to the child.

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  1. Not making use of the right tools

This is another mistake that most of the teachers and parents commit while teaching coding to their children: they do not use the right tools and happen to choose the wrong course for the students. Ensure that you consider the age of your child while picking up the programming language for them.

  1. Not practicing

Several teachers and parents are more concerned with how to finish the coursework. They ensure that they complete the course work on time but most of the time they happen to skip the most important part that is making the child practice the course work. Coding is all about practicing and if the child fails to practice it then he might not be able to have a good command of the subject.

  1. Not making the process of learning a fun activity

A child often happens to remember the fun activities more than the ones which are taught to him in conventional ways. As a teacher, you should ensure that you use fun activities so that the child can grasp the concept and codes easily. If you make the process a fun activity the child will grow up learning and also becoming better at it day by day.

  1. Not providing them study tools

You will have to ensure that you provide your child with all the study tools that are needed in order to make a child learn how to code. You will be required to provide the child with a computer so that he can do the coding easily.

  1. Not getting the best source

Ensure the teacher that you hire for your child is qualified enough to teach your child the same. If the teacher that you hire for your child is not experienced or qualified enough then you will end up wasting your money and also the precious time of your child.

  1. Not appreciating the child

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology, talks about the importance of rewards and punishments in his reward and punishment theory. He quotes the importance of both in the development of the child. If you happen to fail in appreciating your child for learning and being able to make an app with the help of coding then you are being a bad parent no matter what. Ensure that you use rewards when your child happens to excel at them. It will not only boost the confidence in your child but also help the child to learn more efficiently and put in extra effort.

Thus, these are the things and mistakes that one should avoid being a parent or a teacher while teaching the child the concept of coding.