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Will tutoring help your underachieving child?

It has been estimated that as many as 1 in 5 children underachieves in school. 20% of children do not perform in accordance with their age or talents. In other words, they have unfulfilled potential.

It can be difficult to realize when a child is underachieving. The teacher who has only known the child for a few months and may be unaware of the child’s potential.  Doting relatives may think whatever the child does is wonderful.

The best person to know if a child is underachieving is someone who has had a close relationship with the child over many years. Someone who knows the child well, and knows how he behaves and what he is capable of doing. Someone who can observe the child in many different situations and at close quarters.

Who could that be?

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the best person to know when a child is underachieving is a parent – usually a mother because, even in this day of gender equality, it is often the mothers who are the ones helping with homework, talking to the child’s teacher, watching a child’s self- confidence disintegrate.

Mom’s know. They just know. They watch, and they worry and they know when their child is struggling to learn. And what do Mom’s do?  They hire tutors in the hope of helping their child catch up in class, in the hope that a tutor might be the answer to their dreams.  And, often they are right. But not always.  Sometimes students who are underachieving need a tutor AND support that increases their learning skills.  Tutoring is helpful – but it might not be the whole answer!

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Dr Patricia Porter

About Dr Patricia Porter

Dr. Patricia Porter holds a Ph. D from the University of British Columbia, a Masters Degree from Birmingham University, a Diploma in Special Education from the University of London and is a recipient of a Churchill Fellowship . She is a highly sought after international speaker, educator, and ambassador for maximizing children’s learning potential. Her Learning Skill Assessments are the first in the World to be offered free to all parents.

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