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Why Your Child Must Learn to Programme?

“Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead consumers of computer science.”

Maria Klawe

One can hardly deny the truth in the above quote. The rapid growth of technology is not at all surprising, but what surprises us is the rate in which technology is growing and evolving, impacting our lives in a way no one could have imagined some decades ago. In this 21st century it has been observed that many jobs will shift to AI and robotics thereby impacting the economic and employment picture. Coding is said to be the life skill and a must as 70 % of jobs over the next decade will make up of AI and robotics. Upon observing the transient world let’s try to understand why our children must learn to programme.  

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There are several reasons why we should start thinking to train our children in different ways to confront with this changing world. To coach our children for academic success, every child should learn to code and be familiar with it. It is found that coding helps kid not only to improve their mathematics and writing skills but also gives them valuable skills in life which eventually help them in their workplace. Hence, it becomes essential for the school to introduce coding form an early age because the earlier they learn to code the better is the chance of success. The question that pops up in our mind is “what is coding?”

What coding is and how does it work?

Coding is a certain way of writing instructions for a computer to make them perform a task. Coding is also called programming. A completed set of computer instructions is called a program.

The most amazing thing is that code is all around you and the results of coding is everywhere. Whether you are posting a tweet, watching a youtube video, or even swapping a debit card whatever happens, happens because of lines of code.  Lots of everyday items that we use like, phones, watches, cars, have computers in them and they all depend on code to make them work.

A computer program is written in a language understandable by the computer. Different computer languages are designed for different types of computer programs which includes HTML, Javascript, C++ and Python. Discussing some of the importance of coding will expand our knowledge about coding.

Significance of coding: 

Knowledge of coding empowers children to prepare for careers that do not exist yet. It equips them to strengthen both of their verbal and written skill. Studying logic is important because it provides a way to support our claims to truth. Research and experiments has proved that coding enhances children’s creativity. The creative skill of a child needs to be nourished and catered well from an early age, and coding sets seal on to be a means to stimulate creativity. 

Coding teaches children to learn from their mistakes and rise up even after failure. A life’s lesson is being imparted through this learning. Learning coding will capacitate children to rebuild an enigmatic idea into something creative. It encourages them to try and try until the problem is solved. It broadens their thinking ability and these types of skills are sought after in the present day scenario.

When they learn to code, it teaches them to experiment, develop their confidence and design something new of their own.

A glimpse of our future world:

While preparing our children for the future world, we need to encourage them to learn structural and logical thinking which in the process can improve their IQ. As we are raising our children in a digital world, we need to train them with comprehensive skills of technology and on learning how to code enable them to communicate, think critically, facilitates creativity and collaboration.

Expecting that most of our future jobs will be relying on coding skills, it is seen that education ministries across the world are pushing schools to introduce learning to coding at an early age. For our children to combat and prosper in the AI- equipped world the message that coding has to start at an early stage should be spread widely.

However, observing the importance of STEM education in today’s world we need to encourage schools and children to learn coding. We know that STEM jobs are in rise and nearly all jobs involves technology at some level.

To sum up our observations, what we found is that coding not only provides job opportunities or it is cool, but also as side effects  enhances creativity, problem solving skills, collaboration and communication within the kids, even endow them to create their own video games, app or website. Apart from learning coding at schools, children can learn coding through various coding resources like, coding app, coding toys, online learning and through in-person coding courses and programs.