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Why Parents Choose Online Tutoring Programs for Their Kids?

With the advancement of technology, we are noticing a significant change in the mode of imparting education and teaching methodology. In recent times with the emergence of online tutoring, lots of queries unlike earlier surround us. Is it really effective? Is it as good as in person physical tutoring?

It is seen as a supplement to traditional education, and with each passing day, online learning is looking up and offers a host of benefits and dynamic tools to enhance the learning abilities in children by providing them with best education options.

What is online tutoring and in what way is it different from traditional classroom?

Online –tutoring is a procedure of tutoring through virtual environment or networked environment in which teachers help students with the subjects of their choice and need. Parents who are seeking academic help for their kids may find it convenient and flexible, as it can be done sitting at home, or any place where one finds internet at your own convenient time. So far it has proved to be a good option for the learners of all age groups, but it has always been an individual’s choice to decide. This new method of imparting education has surfaced to be uniquely effective as well as extremely convenient.

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In most traditional classrooms, parents get to understand the progress of their kids through four different ways –

  1. By observing their kid’s knowledge increase day to day
  2. By going through their reviewed assignments
  3. By observing their progress reports
  4. By interacting in parent-teacher meetings.

With online learning, parents have access to all of the above-mentioned channels and a host of even more. Meetings between parents and online tutors can be scheduled more frequently, rather as and when required, than in a physical classroom set up, because the overall experience is more abstract and this is needed to bring some concreteness to the relationship.

Access to Qualified tutors and subject matter experts: Sometimes finding a qualified subject teacher within a specific location itself becomes a great task. Students have to travel to greater distances to learn and be guided. Online tutoring provides a good solution to such hassles. Parents and students can select from a plethora of specialized tutors after verifying their academic qualifications, years of experiences and rating. A skilled facilitator who is passionate for teaching and adding value, is just a click away. You must expect nothing short of undivided personal attention, dedicated customised session, by usage of effective tools to explain the concept and make learning enjoyable.

Flexible time for sessions: Students are jam packed usually with their demanding schedule, often they have to sacrifice their passion for other activities to complete assignments. Most of the online –tutoring sites provide a solution to such issues where you can fix sessions with your preferred tutors whenever you want to. With such a flexible learning program the student does not have to miss family and other social events which we all value. Online tutors are available at your disposal and the students can solve their assignments or clear their doubts at their own preferred time.


How online tutoring works? In online tutoring program students and the tutors use various tools, share common whiteboard to communicate and interact. The tutors are able to upload practice worksheets, transfer a file to the students, and work on them together. Based on the requirement of the students a tutor can customize lessons and conduct practice test to help students improve. Since individual instructions and guidance is vital in learning it is being effectively conducted through these online tutoring sites. Parents and students can visit any online tutoring site, request for a demo session to have an idea how this program works. Parents play an active role in upbringing their kids; hence the guidance to the kids happens under the supervision of the parents.

Affordable and within your budget: To enroll for online tutoring services one has to purchase a subscription as prescribed by the company. Sometimes discounts are also offered which makes it more attractive. You are charged either hourly or minute basis and have a specific validity period. Once subscribed you can go through the profile of the tutors and book a session immediately.

With the gaining popularity of online tutoring, online tutors have succeeded in proving themselves not only helpful to the students but also creating positive outlook towards learning. More and more parents are getting confident and comfortable in such programmes of e learning as it allows them to nurture their kids in the most desired way which is can be easily assimilated into the busy lives of today without compromising on the quality bit.