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Why Is Vedic Maths Considered World’s Fastest Mental Math System

Many kids are being haunted by different subjects. The most common subject which haunts the majority of kids is Maths. Throughout their studies, they have a fear of math and due to this, they are not able to score well. Some of them are so scared that they are not able to solve complicated and lengthy math problems or learn theorems. In this fast-moving world, one needs to be quick with numbers and be able to solve complex equations on fingertips.

Means to overcome the fear of Maths

Vedic Maths is the answer to all your questions if you’ve had nightmares of flunking in math. Discovered by agadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji, Veda means knowledge in Sanskrit. Vedic Maths consists of techniques for solving mathematical problems in a fast and easy way. It has 16 main formulae and 13 parts as sub formulae, which helps solve problems such as calculus, arithmetic, geometry, conics, and algebra. Vedic mathematics techniques help in solving easy and complex calculations with ease.

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What are the features of Vedic Maths

When Vedic Maths is being practiced in the right manner, it could do wonders as it comes with several beneficial features that are useful for students:

  1. They Are All Interrelated

Vedic Maths has 16 sutras and all are related to each other. A single sutra can be used in various math problems and with a combination of or more sutras one can solve complication problems of maths. For instance, ikhilam avatascaramam Dasathah could be used for division as well as multiplication math problems.

  1. Makes Calculations Simple

The problems are presented in front of us in a very complicated manner, but Vedic Maths solves the problem in the simplest form. It makes it easy to crack the solution instantly and without any stress.

  1. Results are quick

When the calculation becomes simple the results can be drawn easily and quickly. The steps to solve a problem are fewer, hence productivity is increased. One can solve more number of problems in lesser time.

  1. Improves Concentration

Since the calculations are done mentally, it is easier for students to remember. This helps their concentration and memory.

  1. It Has Vast Application

Students can use Vedic Maths to solve any kind of mathematical problem. ne can even find various possibilities to solve different applications with Vedic Maths.

Why is it beneficial to learn Vedic Maths

Vedic mathematics increases the speed of calculating by 1-1 times in comparison to other methods of calculations. If a child is given a math problem and asked to solve it in a normal way it can take up to a minute to solve but with Vedic mathematics, the same problem can be solved mentally within 1 seconds. This increases their confidence, energy, and self-esteem which in turn, motivates and encourages them.

When a student starts learning Vedic math they are benefited in numerous ways. A few of them are:

Helps them in solving mathematical problems instantly without taking much time. For all types of problems whether it is simple or complex, one can make intelligent decisions for them. Concepts are clear so one does not have the burden of remembering them. Concentration will improve and thus their determination to learn new things which will enhance their skills. Reduces silly mistakes to a great extent as they are more focused. Increases the brain ability of both sides left and right which increases their visualizing abilities. Helps in cultivating interest in numbers and reduces the phobia for the subject It helps in increasing accuracy as well as speed when it comes to numbers. It improves memory which boosts the confidence of an individual.


Those students who are trying to crack competitive exams like CAT, Bank exams, Government exams, etc., will have an edge over other students because of Vedic Maths. It is an ancient form of calculating but is prevalent in modern times as well. Students who learn to calculate via Vedic Maths are found to be quicker and less stressed about complex calculations. They are always prepared and ready to extract the answers mentally and accelerate the process. Because they are well versed with the concepts, calculations look much easier to them.

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