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What is Friction?

When we apply brakes our vehicle speed slows down when we kick the ball, the ball stops after some time without any force, it’s harder for us to walk on the smooth surface we slip down right. Why does all this happen? This only happens  because of friction.

What is Friction?

Friction is basically a force between two surfaces when two surfaces are in contact with each other. It always acts in the direction opposite to the applied force.


What causes friction?

Friction is caused due to irregularities in surface smoothness. When the surface is not smooth means there is more friction if more friction is there then speed is less because it always opposes the motion of force.

Let’s take the example of tire: Look at the tire of any vehicle. The  surface is not smooth so that it can move on the road.

Friction cause

Just because of friction we can move on land, if the surface is smooth then we will slip down even we can’t walk properly. But for ice skating, we need smooth surface so that we can enjoy ice skating in this case surface is smooth so that we can slip on ice.


There are 4 types of friction:

  1. Static friction: Static means stable so it is interlocking of irregularities between two surfaces. It can protect the object from sliding down from the slope. This occurs only in case of solid surface
  2. Sliding friction: This is required when object need to be slide over the other object for example in ice skating we require sliding friction.
  3. Rolling friction: This is required when object need to roll over the other object for example in a cycle is rolling over the road. Ball bearing. The ball is rolling over the surface.
  4. Fluid Friction: as its name indicates this occurs in Gases or liquids. When the motion occurs in liquids. Put your hand in the river then you will feel water is pushing away your hand it means water is flowing, this is fluid friction.

Now we are aware of friction so now let’s discuss what are advantage and disadvantage of friction in our daily life? How is it beneficial for us?

Friction plays very important role in our daily life.  If friction is not there we can’t walk properly on land or anywhere we get slip down. Every object is moving properly just because of friction like our vehicles. We can’t do anything if friction is not there we can’t walk on ice. We can apply brakes to stop the vehicles.

Sometimes it is not useful because it is converted into heat energy in a vehicle so we need to provide more power. Due to friction more fuel consumption is there so it is wastage of money. A forest fire is only just because of friction between branches of trees.

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