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What is Force and Motion


 It is a push or pulls. A force can give the energy to an object and then the object start moving, stop moving, or change its motion. Force can cause a change in velocity also.

For example- Gravity, Friction, Magnitude etc.

This picture clearly shows the force.


There are two types of force

1) Balanced Force     (2)  Unbalanced Force

Balanced Force:- The balanced force is act on the two object that is opposite in direction and equal in size.
The motion of an object will not change.

The Net force is zero

Unbalanced Force-

The unbalanced force is not opposite and equal. This force is different from the balanced force.

In another word this motion of an object will change.

Both the forces will clearly show with the help of this picture.

Force 2

Note: The net force is always zero. For example, If a book is put on the table then we observed that the weight of the book is in downward force and due to gravity the force of table will be in opposite direction.


The Force that opposes the motion between the surface is called friction.

Friction depends on the type of the surface and the force between the surface.

Friction is greater between the rough surface.

In friction, there is a greater force is present between the surface.


If a body or object is in the rest position  and we applied some force on it then that object is moving  and are called motion.

It is used to change of an object with respect to time.

Newton has given the three laws of motion-

First law of motion:-  If  an object is in rest it will stay at rest and if an object is in motion then it will stay in motion until it is acted by some force.

When the object change its motion is called inertia.

For Example :-  If we push or pull the door then it will be open otherwise it will be in the rest position.

Second Law of Motion- 

This is shown by the formula of  force In mathematics the force can be measured in mass times accelerations

Force = Mass . Acceleration

F = m.a

The S.I. unit of force is measured in Newton(N)

Here force can be measured in N (Newton)

Mass can be measured in kg (kilogram) and

Acceleration can be measured in (meter per second)

This is the second law of motion.

For Example- This figure shows the second law of motion.


Third Law of Motion-

 To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For example-  The direction of  the bullet and the direction of recoil show the third law of motion.


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