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What are the different types of Adverbs?

Adverbs say a lot. They speak for their names. That’s why they are easy to understand, learn and remember. If we try to break the word, we would see that it constitutes of two words ‘Ad’ and ‘Verbs’. No, we don’t add anything to verbs or add verbs to anything. We make sense of the word attached to the verb and that word is our ‘Adbverb’.


Now, making sense of adverbs is a tricky business. We need to go by the rules. Adverbs beautify, enhance as well as worsens,  any verbs,sometimes adjectives or any other adverbs. It is any word that that alters the meaning of another. Let’s try to understand it through an example:

She Dances Beautifully

In the sentence, we know what the verb is.Yes,its ‘Dances’.But there’s a word attached to it. Beautifully.This is our adverb,it is adding grace to dance,it is beautifying it,attaching meaning to it.

Classifying Adverbs:

Like almost everything in the world,Adverbs have typed too.And they are quite easy to understand,reinvent and revamp as well. Ok! We know Adverbs beautify the verbs by making it special but how? Yeah, that leads to our first adverb which is Adverb of Manner or what I call it Adverb of Fashion.

1.  Adverb of Manner or Fashion: It is the adverb which tells about how the adverb  could is fashioning the verb.The manner in which verb is happening.Is it slow or it fast,attractive or repelling and more.



E.g. She reacted angrily.

Sometimes after the normal ‘How’,we ask ‘When’. That calls for the second adverb

2. Adverb of Time: It’s the kind where we talk about the time zone where the adverb is adding beauty to the verb.To help,the most common ones would be yesterday, tomorrow, last year. Let’s take an example-


I went to his house yesterday.

3. And who says when comes after where? Adverbs? No. This way comes Adverb of Place. It deals with words like here, there, inside. Now you relate to it, each. Once you understand, it’s the easiest one to go. To follow with an example:

You come here!

4. Well, coming to the last one , which is Adverb of Order. Yeah, the name says it all.They speak of extremities and mildness, tiniest to largest things. Words that could be used are extremely, too, very etc. To take a ‘tiny’ example:

I like him very much.

There are a ton of other types you will find in the sea of the online saga, but the categories, I have to provide with, pretty much sums it up.  Adverbs are gorgeous. They are just so, so, pure and beautiful. One of my much-adored students call it ‘Adjectives of Verbs’. Well, I agree with her. Don’t you?

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