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What are the different kinds of climate condition?

climate change


The earth consists of different kind of climatic conditions. The climate tends to change dynamically depending on various factors as we move across various parts of the world. You probably might be living in a certain place and witnessing a different kind of climatic condition that another person living elsewhere.


Lets go through the under mentioned, and hence enhance our geographical knowledge!

Following are the different types of Climates prevailing on our planet Earth:


Polar Climate: The extremely cold conditions that prevail at the North and the South Pole of the earth. These areas are normally covered with ice and snow, there is no greenery and very few of animal species are found here who can survive in such harsh conditions. We human beings, are not able to live in such regions where sub minimal temperatures exist.

Polar Climate


Temperate Climate: Those regions that face and experience cold winters, as well as moderate summers, are said to have temperate climates. In such regions, there is enough greenery and hence human beings can live very comfortably.

Temperate Climate


Arid Climate: The earth zone that always remains hot and dry throughout the year are said to have arid climatic conditions. Only shrubs and certain kind of trees are able to sustain such climatic conditions. There are number of insects, animals etc. which survive in this extreme climate. Although, it can be a humongous struggle for humans to survive in such areas.

Arid Climate


Tropical Climates: Heavy rainfall and most of the times dry atmosphere defines these climatic conditions. Such regions are said to experience tropical climates. There are more than 100kinds of tree species alone thriving in such favorable conditions. This place is a haven for exquisitely rich flora and fauna. There are dense forests in the regions and these tend to remain under daylight for about 12 hours each day.

Tropical Climates


Mediterranean: This kind of climate is found mostly near to the water bodies. The seashores where the regions have hot and humid summers and mild winter conditions.



Tundra: The regions with this climate are normally the heights of mountains that are surrounded by vast green lands. Normally the upper edges of the mountains are cold and stay covered with snow or ice.

Tundra climate


So now you know about the diverse climates all over the world. Hopefully, the above information will give you a little insight into the climatic condition which is rather elaborate.

Put your thoughts about our post in the comments section below, also tell us about the number of climates that you experience where you live. Nevertheless thanks for reading this post!