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Ways of Treating ADHD Without Medication

Once upon a time there was a young boy who was not a very good student and was failing in many classes.

Though, he was very bright and creative, his mind rarely allowed him to stand still and he could not bring himself to pay attention.

As time went by, his mind became more restless so he dropped from school and took long walks, meetings were held and people paid close attention to this child.

Thank goodness he had an active family who helped him because there were no psychiatric  medications. None of it was available so his family had to actually spend time with him. Eventually, the boy changed his outlook and with the support of his family he became a legend…

..well !!! that boy was “Albert Einstein”

ADHD without Medication

For most parents, medications are  top priority treatment for ADHD and they are effective for 85% of kids with the disorder. 

But, many parents worry about the side effects and want to explore every other option before they put their child on medicines. No matter what your decision is, you can always help your child lead  calmer and successful life.


1. Parent and teacher help –

Parents and classroom teachers play a pivotal role in helping a child learn to recognize and adjust his behavior.

For parents, this means creating small, manageable goals for their child, such as sitting for 10 minutes at the dinner table, and then giving rewards for achieving them.

ADHD without Medication

It’s also helpful for the teacher to send home a daily “report card,” letting the parents know whether the child met his behavior goals at school that day.

2. Getting proper sleep –

“A lot of kids with ADHD also have sleep disorders, and each condition makes the other one worse,”

ADHD without Medication

One of the most common sleep issues for kids with ADHD is that they can’t settle down and fall asleep; then their exhaustion the next day makes their symptoms worse.


Aside from health and mood benefits, exercise has been shown to improve student’s  attitude.

Exercise is effective for students of all  ages and can be used to increase or decrease behaviors depending on how it is used  as a strategy to teach students with ADHD so they can manage their challenges themselves.


Meditation calms brain waves, they decrease the stress response in a body and meditation practices itself provides consistency and organization, which we know is key for any child or person who is diagnosed with this condition.

ADHD without Medication

A new line of research is exploring how mindfulness – Learning how to sharpen focus, raise awareness, and practice self-control through breathing and meditating – may help manage ADHD


Music continues to touch us throughout our life, but we mainly intact  it in an educational or entertainment context. when the medicines fail, the doctors prescribe music.

If your child would rather kick a soccer ball than pick up a flute, or can’t sit still for lessons or practice, simply listening to her favorite playlist may calm her down long enough to finish her homework.

ADHD without Medication

When you listen to music you like, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that also helps with focus.

6. Diet (Omega 3 fatty acids)-

A study found that kids with ADHD have lower levels of omega-3s  in their blood, which suggests bumping up the amount in their diet might reduce ADHD symptoms.

ADHD without Medication

Although omega-3 supplements aren’t widely recommended as a treatment. but treating ADHD without medication requires eating a balanced diet ( including fish, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and vegetables) and cutting down on sugar and processed foods can certainly help your child live a healthier life.

I hope these natural remedies will help you and your child to overcome the symptoms of ADHD and help  ADHD without medication.






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