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Train Your Kid’s Brain for Success!!!

Spending some time online, we will come across many options promising something or the other, worthwhile, nevertheless, to improve our memory and even our I.Q. It is a well-known fact that our brain is divided into parts; the left part of the brain is devoted to sequential activities and is considered to be the logical part while the right side of the brain is considered to be the one which has creativity, imagination and the intuition powers. 

From our early childhood we are all trained in certain ways to behave, study, eat, react, which differ from region to region and depend on the cultural background to which we belong. We also know that to develop or train any part of our body we need to put some extra effort and enhance its performance. In the same way if we want our brain to function well and extract maximum efficiency, we need to train it.

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How Can We Train the Brain?

To develop and to enhance the efficiency of the most vital organ – the brain we should help our kids to use the left as well as the right brain right from the onset. It is quite surprising to learn that in reality we use a very small amount of brain power which is available with us. This is probably because the way our education system is designed, focuses more on concentration on the left-brain activities, hardly using the Right Brain capabilities.

 The most important part of your kid’s brain development is your effort and you giving your kids every possible opportunity for success. We don’t need to shower our kids with all fancy books and gifts; all we need is to just start doing is doing everything every day with a little more awareness.

There is uniqueness in every child that makes them different from each other and our task is to unfold the genius within them. There are some programs that help the students to increase their focus, attention and memory retention abilities and which in turn help them in their academic as well as in various essential life skills.

Shaping Your Kids’ Brain!

Recent studies show that it is the brain that can be trained through the use of mental exercises and disciplines to expand its current working potential in order to obtain amazing responses. It is well established that when the mind is at the state of resting or one is in a happy state of mind, the learning and retention increases at a distinct level. Work with your kid on the creative and intuitive skills through sensory enhancement techniques. All the renowned personalities were or are creative and intuitive, they think and do things differently yet simply, and that’s what made them distinguished personalities and they were able to scale success.  With their innovative and creative mind, they become scientists, leaders, innovators, musicians, movie makers and what not. We all today enjoy their creations. Work towards the coordination of both left and right hemispheres to make their connections stronger and better.

Shaping your kids’ brain!

We are all aware of having a Good EQ (Emotional Quotient) along with a high IQ, as our today’s world is full of stress and is highly competitive in nature. It has become important to train the mind of the child from an early stage to enable them to deal with stress, anxiety which with time will affect relationship and cause health issues as one may progress in their life. So, as a parent make effort to ensure that your kid is ready to face the society and is able to bravely protect themselves from the adversities of a progressive world.

Few Ways to Train Your Kid’s Brain to Success!

Some of these activities can help promote healthy brain development and improve many key executive functions:

  • Make the brain and the body work together. Regularly performing simple exercises or introducing kids to musical instruments helps building coordination of the mind and body.

  • Include some concentration game activities within the child’s day schedule. Play games like checkers, chess with the kids.

  • There are many online games websites which are fun filled as well as enhances academic skills.

Encourage, engage and participate with your child in all these activities which will not only improve the brain function but will also go a long way to build relationships and reduce stress for a joyous living!