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Top 3 Tricks to get your Kids Listen to You

Tricks to get your child listen to you

So today, I am going to talk about the most asked question, i.e. How do I get my kids to listen?

Now that’s a common question that most of us have in our minds right? We seem like broken records that keep on saying the same thing over and over again and getting nowhere with it. So I want to give you all few tips and strategies for dealing with this problem because I know this can be very frustrating. So the first thing I want to talk about is the idea of listening, you know a lot of parents say to me my kids just don’t listen, I can’t get them to listen.

Get your kids listen to you


Well, then truth of the matter is they probably are listening to every word you say, they are just not responding and I think we need to be very clear about that in our own minds that you know if you’re talking about your child and chances are they absolutely heard you, so it’s not a matter of not listening because unless they have a hearing impairment they are totally listening, it’s just that they are not listening to what you have asked them to do.

Here in this article, I have prepared few strategies that are surely going to help you. And you can easily get your kids listen to you.

1. Get in the line of vision

So the first thing I would suggest people do is getting in the face of the child they’re talking to and really that kind of applies to any kind of communication. If you’re hollering from another room, chances are people are hearing you but they are not driven to action because you’re not present.

If you’re in the kitchen and doing the dishes and hollering for the kids to get their shoes on, chances are they’re just hearing you and don’t expect them to turn up and make any kind of move to get their shoes on, because you are not engaged in the conversation in the first place. So try to drop whatever you’re doing and get into your child’s line of vision and get your stuff done.

2. Get the confirmation

That’s another important component of a conversation is, if you make a request that person needs to respond with either a  yes or a no, you should confirm some kind of confirmation and this takes some prompting.

Get your kids listen to you

You can ask a child get your shoes on please, if nobody responds, ask them to confirm by saying say “yes Mom”, and then if they say yes mom then that means they’ve heard you. so you need to get confirmation. Then you need to get some action.

3. Give a Consequence

Now you know that your child has heard you and confirmed you, the time of action arises even after confirming; your child does not turn up and do what you have asked them to. Give them one warning, and tell them that’s one, and just by saying one, kids will get a clear reaction that they need to jump into action or something’s going to happen.

get your child listen to you

So that’s one, if they still the issues are on then there are consequences, give them timeouts. I think they are a great way to just be clear with what your expectations are, most children do not enjoy having a timeout, and therefore it is a really great consequence for something that’s really not happening.

So, these are few of my favorite ways to get kids to respond to what I have asked them to do. Get in their line of vision, get the confirmation, and give a consequence. It’s going to cut down the frustration level in your house. There is no point in repeating yourself over and over again because what that does is really kind of just drowned you out. So go ahead, clear your thoughts and try these strategies from the next minute.

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