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Tips To Succeed in Hybrid High School Classes

Teaching in a hybrid mode has its challenges and opportunities. The Hybrid model of studying uses the techniques of both online and offline classes. This model makes the best of studies for both the students and teachers without the risk of exposing them to the virus. It also gives the students more ownership of their studies.

Adapting to the hybrid mode of learning can be tough in the beginning but after sometime when the basics have been understood by you, it can be beneficial. As a student, a routine is what keeps them going but because of the hybrid mode, the routine gets broken. This emphasizes that the time and the way of studying is now dependent on the organizational skills of the students. 

Once the students get into the hybrid routine, they need to determine how they are going to distribute their time among the subjects and stay on the top of the assignments and tests. It can be done by creating a list-to-do in your phone or a journal everyday by dividing it into two categories: to-do-at-home and to-do-at-school. Overcoming the “I can’t” thing because of hybrid classrooms is necessary to excel in high school life. Students can take it as a challenge to perform better by getting motivated that it brings the sense of purpose of learning to them. For instance, they can think about why people choose to play an instrument? It is because of their love of music. Similarly, they can think that they need to learn and educate themselves in high school in order to be successful in college life and get a bright future. To get a bright future, they need to perform better from the early aspects of high school life even in the hybrid mode of classes.

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The attitude of students is what matters the most in hybrid schools as, because of coronavirus, the education system has fully shifted online for the time being. Sometimes the student might forget what has been studied in the last class or might miss it because of network issues but that should not be the reason to give up on studies. The student should have a reliable source, if something like this happens, so that they can ask the source about the classes they missed.

With the hybrid mode of class, the students have more power over their learning process than the traditional classroom. They get the independence to work through materials on their own as well as get the chance to work in independent groups to make self-directed learning. Rather than listening aggressively to the teacher, students get to learn more through self-directed learning.

Rather than asking the teachers to solve all the questions, students need to try to solve as much as they can after learning the concept. This would sharpen their skills and make them understand the subject more clearly.

With the hybrid mode of classes taking place, the students and teachers need to keep a check on the mental, social and emotional well-being of the students. If their overall well -being is in bad condition, then they can’t study and all the efforts will go in vain.

If the students do not understand anything in the hybrid class, then they should ask immediately rather than waiting for the class to end. They should also ask the teachers to modify their way of teaching if the current way is of no help to them.

Constantly communicating with the teachers and other classmates is the key to succeeding in hybrid classes. Learn the technical tools with time instead of trying to learn everything in a day. Learning everything in a day can affect studies negatively.

In order to succeed, students should set some personal short term and long term goals that would keep them working on their studies. The goals should be placed somewhere that can be seen by them everyday.

Dealing with setbacks in a hybrid class is important. Everyone in life has some shortcomings but that does not mean one has to give up. Even if the studies are shifted online, they have given the students a chance to explore more of them. This new way of learning will help them to build confidence for the shortcomings in future and lead to achieve greater success. 

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