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Thinking of Quitting Studying During COVID-19?

As the world continues to grapple with the situation of COVID-19, we cannot deny the fact that education of children has come to a complete stand still. Schools and education institutions being closed, it is obvious that students are not able to maintain a continuous pattern of reading and learning due to which they are getting distant from their studies. But that doesn’t mean that they have to quit studying. Instead, the approach should be to find an alternative way through which studies can be continued in the most effective manner. This could be a tough time for parents too to keep their young ones well connected to education, but this is what we call the need of the hour. If children end up getting distant from studies, because of the ab normal times around, it shall be most challenging to get back on track once we are back to the regular school gong days.

Thus, the most impending need here is to look for ways through which parents can focus on continuing the studies of their kids during COVID-19. To help you out, here are some essential tips that may work out for you and your kids in the above discussed aspect:

  1. Plan a routine together

The best way to start working on continual learning is to prepare a plan together. Although there are perks of being home for the kids, studies have to be included in them too in order to maintain a balance. Help your children to make a plan for reading books etc. and studying online, along with assigning a leisure time for playing and fun. It is very important to establish a structural routine for kids as it helps them understand various essential life skills. But that doesn’t mean that the schedule can’t be flexible. When you see your child getting restless or agitated due to studying or boredom, plan something fun together. This will even improve your bonding with the kids as well.

  1. Organize the study space

In most cases, kids don’t feel like studying when their study space is a mess. It is true that a student needs a proper environment for studying, which is tidy and organized. This will help the kids to be better organized and stay calm and allows them to concentrate more on their studies. You can help them in organizing the study space by adding some good positive quotes in their rooms and making sure everything stays in its place.

  1. Avoid distractions

It is true that being at home feels like a holiday but this troublesome situation of COVID-19 is not a holiday but a measure for staying safe and protected. This is the reason that it should not affect your studies. It is necessary to make the children determined to stay focused on their studies and avoid any kind of distraction. Distractions can be like television, backyard games, video games, mobile phones, or sometimes a jar of delicious cookies in the kitchen, but you have to make your kids understand that when it is the time of studies, their focus should remain completely on it. When a kid learns to avoid distractions, he ends up coming a step closer to being more attentive towards studies. The best approach here would be to work according to the schedule made, in which proper time will be allotted to each activity so that while studying, the kids are not missing out on different sources of fun.

  1. Stay in touch

With the gift of technology, being at home doesn’t mean that you are distant from others. Motivate your kids to get connected with their friends and teachers online for general study-related discussions. Sometimes, such discussions can be a great motivation for studying. When your child contacts other children in a similar course, they will be able to discuss the ideas and work on the assignments together. Knowledge is something that increases on sharing and thus it is always recommended that the kids should share and discuss their amazing knowledge with their peers that would help them in increasing their knowledge and understanding related to various aspects. It is very likely that the teachers will also be available remotely so students can even contact them to get the answers for their questions related to studies. It will help them in keeping up with the knowledge materials and time getting their doubts resolved as they continue their learning.

  1. Continue with online tutoring

One of the best means to keep the study pattern of your kids maintained is by getting them enrolled with an online tutoring classes through which they will be able to keep up at a paced learning according to a daily schedule. The expert tutors can make each and every concept clear to them and would always be open to any kind of doubt resolution. Not only this, but, a regular assessment and practice tests pattern will also support the kids in making the requisite effort n accelerating their learning. Resultant being, the child gets regular with his studies and also shows improvement academically.

  1. Test yourself

To make your kids keener towards study, motivate them to keep testing themselves. Continuous studying is all good but until the kids test themselves from time to time. One would never know in which area does one need to work upon until an assessment takes place. Help your kids to prepare a weekly exam schedule which they must try and stick to. Also, there are numerous practice exam avenues online which your kids can sit for to challenge and check themselves. This way one can easily ascertain where to put in more effort and achieve the desired results.

There’s no denying the fact that these are the most dark and tough times. Just like we are giving priority to safety, it is also important that other essential aspects of life should not lack behind. This makes it highly important for the parents to ensure that their kids do not end up losing their connectivity with the studies in this lockdown scenario. All the above-mentioned steps will be of great help in keeping your kids aligned to their studies and help them excel academically.