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The Right Mindset for Success – Vnaya

In our life, we will meet distinct personalities and equally diverse mindsets. There are going to be people who are always skeptical and suspicious about things, and then there are people who are optimistic and full of hope. While everyone wants to succeed in their life, not everyone has a strong mindset to stay focused on their goals. Your mindset or the way you think will decide the course of your future. So it’s needless to say that if you want to succeed in life, you should have a positive mindset.

I know it sounds like a very simple or rather overused statement, but this is a fact and it can’t be denied. A person, who can overcome the adversities without distorting their thought process, can achieve almost anything in his/her life. We should refrain from thinking about life in terms of failures and successes, and start to think about it in terms of experiences. Every situation in life would teach you something, and if you have a balanced frame of mind, you will be able to extract positive experience even from the worst phases of your life. A simple rejection in a job interview does not mean the end of life; it simply means that you need to change/adapt for the future endeavors.

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You need to understand that the world is not all sunshine and rainbows; it is a mix, an equilibrium of both yin and yang!  Reality is that it’s a harsh place along with being good and pleasant, in which only the strong will survive. Don’t think of it as only physical strength, it is also the strength of your will and mind. Nothing grows in the shade and you will have to step out of your comfort zone if you want to achieve big. Once you can do that, you will notice that your mind and body are now more resilient and can easily adapt according to the situation. Sometimes you need to risk it all to have it all, and this requires a lot of mental toughness. Someone who is afraid to take the risk today will definitely regret it tomorrow. In order to sustain all this, you need to have a positive mindset. And taking risks does not mean that you should go all-in without doing your research and checking the facts. Make sure to calculate the risk factor and factor in all the possible deviations that you may encounter along the way, and then make the decision. Most of the people don’t even take the first step, just because of the lack of will and a strong mindset. They are not willing to step out of the shade and face the storms of life.

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Everyone makes some or the other kind of mistakes in their lifetime and that is perfectly normal. It is our reactions and actions after the mistake that decides the chances of succeeding the next time. If we can take responsibility of our actions and learn from our mistakes, they are no longer mistakes but become experiences. To grow you need experience, and experience comes from mistakes. So if you have positive attitude towards life in general, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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