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Study Algebra and Its Expressions!


Algebra is the combination of the things like variables, constants, term, and integer. When there is a combination of variables, constants, numbers there is a formation of the algebraic equation.

Algebra and its Expressions

Algebraic equations are divided into different parts.

Parts of Algebra:

Algebraic equation has 3 main parts:

  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Equal sign


  • Variables:  Variables means “To vary” that means the things that can be changed, and whose value we have to find.

Examples: All alphabets like a, b, c ………..x y, z all are called variables.

  • Constants: Constant means fixed the value which cannot be changed.

 Example: All the integers like 1, 2, 3 ……….etc.

  • Equal sign: There is an equal sign “=” is always present between the algebraic equation. This “=” sign will separate these both sides one as L.H.S and one as R.H.S.

Algebra and its Expressions

So we can say that:

An algebraic expression always has two sides:

L.H.S. =R.H.S.

If we have a number which is “+” on L.H.S and if we just shift it on R.H.S. then it will change into “-“.

So we can say :

(+ ) sign will Changes to( –) sign

(- ) sign willChanges to(+) sign

(×)sign will Changes to ( /) sign

(/) sign willChanges to(×) sign

And we can write as :

Variables+ Constants = Algebraic Expressions


Algebraic equation combination of numbers and variables and they are joined together.

 For Example:

2x-10 = 6

2x =6+10




Here 2,10,6 are constants and “x” is a variable. So we can’t subtract 2x-10.

So we have to shift “-10” from L.H.S. to R.H.S.

And when we do so the Negative sign changes into Positive sign.

And now here 2 is multiplying with x on L.H.S., So when 2 goes from L.H.S. to R.H.S. then it will change into the division.

Rules Of Algebraic Expression:

  • Variables terms always added to the variable.
  • Constant are always added to constants.
  • We never add variable and constants together.
  • If we change any number from one side to another side their sign must be changed.

Practice and Solve the following questions- 

  • 10y+12=20
  • 25m=50
  • 30a+20a=100
  • -20 + 10d = -30
  • -100g =1000

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