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Steps to Solve a Quadratic Equation

Many students have the problem to solve a quadratic equation. Here is the step by step solution of a quadratic equation. First of all you must know what a quadratic equation is. A quadratic equation is an equation where the highest exponent of a variable is 2. Quadratic means Square that is single variable second order polynomial equation.

For example: A quadratic Equation is like
ax2 +bx +c =0 ……1

This is quadratic equation in this equation a,b,c are constant and x is variable. We will calculate the value of x over here.

To calculate value of x in this Quadratic Equation we will use formula:

± means there is two answer

Formula 2
Lets us take one example:     5x2 +6x +1=0

Solution: Step 1: we will compare this with equation 1 and write down the values of a, b, c constants

quadratic Equation1

Step 2: Put these value in the equation 2. Then find the value of a,b,c

quadratic Equation2


Stpe 3: ± read as Plus or minus as shown below: Then find the value of x

quadratic Equation3


So value of x is either (-1) or (-5) .

These are the steps to solve a quadratic equation.

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