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Solve Quadratic Equation In 5 Minutes!!!

Quadratic equation is an equation which is of second degree and there is variable, coefficient and constant. The standardized form of quadratic equation is given by –

ax2 + bx + c = 0

Where a, b and c are constants


2x2   + 3x + 5   = 0,

9x2   + 7x + 2   = 0

Quadratic equation can be solved by various methods but the most efficient way to solve quadratic equation in less than a minute is by using QUDRATIC FORMULA:

Where a, b and c are the constants given in quadratic equation –

ax2 + bx + c = 0

where a is the coefficient of x2, b is the coefficient of x and c is the constant.

By using the quadratic equation one has to consider three possibilities of discriminant which helps to tell us that weather the solution to equation has one solution, two solutions or no solution.

  1. No real roots that means the D = b2 -4ac is negative.
  2. One real root means that the D= b2 -4ac is 0
  3. Two different roots means that D=b2-4ac is having positive number.


1.  No real roots


2.  Two different solution

X2 + 4x -3 =0

3. Real solution

X2+3x-10 =0