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SMART Goals for Smart Moms and Dads

Parental involvement in the lives of children is one of the most important factors in their growth. From helping the kids with their daily necessities to giving them an environment that encourages a love for learning, the parents have a lot of responsibilities towards the development of their kids.

It will be false to say that parenting in the right way is something that anybody could do. It takes a lot for the parents to work on the development and nurturing of their children. Setting goals and milestones can be a way for the parents to take a smarter approach towards parenting. Here are some SMART goals for the parents that could help them with their children.

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  1. Specific

As parents, it’s you who have to make the decisions for the kids when they are young. Whatever you plan for your kids, it is crucial to be specific about it. Whether it is the school for the kids or their routine, be specific about everything that you are expecting from your kids. Having specific goals for the kids would enrich better understanding among them regarding what you actually want from them. This way transparency can be maintained between the kids and the parents.

  1. Measurable

By measurable, it means that you should be able to track exactly how the plan you made for them is actually working out. It could be the academic performance of the children or the way they are connecting with their friends, smart parents should be able to measure or quantify how their kids are doing. Being able to measure the performance of the kids would give the parents the idea about the next parenting approach to be followed.

  1. Attainable

To create a better future for the kids, the parents even have to review their past experiences with them. This would help in setting realistic goals for the future. Past experiences can be a way to learn and recognize the faults that you don’t want to repeat. Looking back to what you have done for the kids would give you the right idea about how you want to improve parenting and make some attainable goals that are realistic for both you and your kids.

  1. Relevant

The goals parents have for their kids wouldn’t be of any use if they are not relevant enough. The parents should be able to determine what they strongly desire in their kids and then imagine its possibility in reality. It is to be noted that only those goals can be achieved which are relevant. In this context, the effective communication of the parents with the kids is necessary to get a clear picture of the needs of both sides and according to that, relevant goals can be fixed.

  1. Time-bound

Simply creating goals for the kids would not be sufficient. You need to set some deadlines on it too. When it is about the development of the kids, the parents should be able to determine which goals are to be achieved by when. You can’t simply give all the time to all the goals. In this aspect, it is important to indulge the kids in some discipline and make them realize the milestones they should achieve within a timeframe.

Parenting is not as easy as we think. It is quite a big responsibility for the parents to create appropriate goals and get their children to work on it willingly. This could be hard in the beginning but proper communication can help in achieving it all. Discuss your aspirations for your the children with them and hear them out too, that’s something which would be make goal-setting easier.

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