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Should Personalization be the Future of Learning?

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As the technology permeates in the schools and classrooms, the personalized learning has traction among all the teachers and the students. Let’s discuss about the personalized learning theory:

This famous learning theory is developed on the basis of following two pillars:

  1. Different learning styles for the students
  2. Feedback that enables the students to analyses or judge their capabilities to learn about what they have learned, how better they grasp the concepts and what to learn next.

These two pillars leads to an effective education but still schools are doing struggle mightily with these pillars. Because of these two pillars the personalized learning makes it possible to fulfill the basic requirements of the families has for their, online education, personalized learningEach parent says,” I just want my child to grow and develop through the ways they are actually interested in and become a better learner. By adopting different learning paths one can able to improve his/her knowledge and ability. Teachers assign the work to their students according to their level of competence so that student easily engaged into the work.  Telling a student about his performance put a powerful impact on student achievement and this is facilitated by the school management. In the classrooms, the teachers are the only one who can give the feedback to their students unless there is another feedback loop through which they can access directly.

In this modern learning environment, there exist multiple resources like content, peers and teachers, which can be accessed by the students. Personalized learning should occur if one should follow the both differentiated learning paths and the feedback. Every student at his particular age will go to college where they are themselves responsible for their learning. Factors that are essential for the college readiness are the improvisation in the executive functions and second one is to build up your background knowledge but these are not considered as the necessary factors in today’s schools. There are many things that needs to modify in the traditional schools where they will get accrue expertise, background knowledge and develop them for the self-learning. Most frequent question raised by the skeptics on the research based on the student’s learning is extremely bad. Instruction given to individuals weakens the performance of the students. The biggest or the main reason behind this is insufficient attention of teachers on student’s background knowledge. Students are not that capable to make the exact or the right decisions about their learning. Most of them will make poor and the wrong decisions about their education. Opponents argue that students will avoid hard thinking in personalized environments without teachers. 

It is not unrealistic to believe that there are bugs in the research of student-driven learning. This is important to consider education as one of the important part, which is if best served to the students support them to become a good learner and also makes the perfect personalized learning environment.