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Secret Revealed: Miraculous Tips to Help Your Child Focus on Their Homework

So, it’s again 4 o’clock in the afternoon and you’ve gathered your patience for the approaching tussle. You’ve completed your household chores and are ready with the notebooks, pencils, colours besides that mini study table. But getting a glimpse of your little master seems suspicious. This is a common scenario with almost every parent, especially mothers. Getting your kids to the study room and making them finish their homework in one go is an all-time challenge for parents. It is true that kids are wired differently than adults and they have an extremely different level of curiosity, energy and exuberance. As such, we cannot expect them to focus completely on their work and not get distracted at all!! But, the good news is that it is possible to help kids enhance their concentration and focus on their work for longer. How? Here are a few simplest yet effective tips for the parents to boost concentration in their children: Foster Realization, Not Control Parents often feel it’s their responsibility to get their kids to do well in studies. And this gives rise to their expectations from the kids – they need them to do their homework and become successful. Unfortunately, this need puts parents in a powerless position because the reality is different than their expectations. The child is incapable of giving you what you want. And this is quite natural too; he/she doesn’t even have to. This is how the conflict on homework becomes a conflict of control. While as a parent you feel that your job is to be in control of things, your child feels the urge to have more control over the choices in his life and hence starts fighting. As a parent, you must understand that you cannot make your children do anything. Instead, respect their individual choices and encourage them to motivate themselves. Do not Promote Anxiety, Spread Positivity Often parents threaten their kids from a very tender age about failures, career, competition, etc. This creates a space for anxiety to develop constantly in the child. As he grows, so does the fear of failure and disappointment. Often this fear causes kids to run away from studying and completing their homework. Hence, it is very important to promote positivity in them. As said above, motivate your kids to work more and efficiently. Focus on their positive outcomes as much as possible. Do not just scream or yell on their mistakes; Instead, reward them with positive feedback like “Well done!”, “You’re a winner!”, “Oh, you did it!” etc. every time they breeze through any activity.  Make them understand the meaning of achievements, no matter how small they are. Only then they will gain the confidence of doing work for longer. Remember, success is a compilation of small steps taken constantly.  Develop a Fun-Filled Action Plan Never present yourself strictly before your kids while they are at work. They will start running away from you and their work as well. Follow the practice of “Play while you work.” This will hold their interest in whatever they do. Sing songs together, play with toys, including games, take short intervals for snacks, etc. All these things will make them feel happy and they will enjoy doing their homework. Also, do not force your convenience on them. It’s their comfort and willingness that matter. There might be times when your kid won’t feel like doing homework. Don’t be afraid to quit or get annoyed. Also, be calm when your child makes mistakes. Not doing the homework perfectly once in a while is not the end of the world. Such situations may arise often. If it comes to a choice between screaming at your kids through the homework and quitting, choose love and quit happily. Add-on an Online Mentor in your Team Blessed are you as a parent to be a part of this digital world. Things have got simpler and become more advanced.  There is no limit to learning and even parents may sometimes need a mentor to guide through parenting. Online tutoring programs like those offered at Vnaya can actually help parents and children succeed in academics and life. You can sit along with your junior and take 1 on 1 online tutoring anytime. Our online programs can help parents and kids uncover the hidden aspects of learning challenges. Not only this, under our parenting support program, we also offer counselling to the parents to help them understand their children better and discover solutions to the common problems their children face. The Take-Away Be a kid to understand your kid! Patience and love as a parent are the keys to your child’s confidence and consequently their success.