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SAT Exam: When & How Should The Students Prepare?

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Before any student starts planning what course he/she wants to study or what college to apply for; one needs to have a strategy to take the first BIG step. For most of the students, this means taking the SAT Exam.

4 ways for your child to prepare for the SAT in terms of effectiveness.

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1. When to take the SAT Exam?

A lot of students and parents ask us, “When is the best time to take the SAT?”. Well, the answer is, one should aim to take the SAT before the fall of junior year.

This way, you have a safe net and get time to practice and retake the SAT in spring, if needed, in case you want to score higher the second time. Hopefully, if you score well the first time, senior year will be free for your college applications. Also, aiming for fall means your SAT study and practice won’t compete with AP or IB exams.

2. What’s the prep- strategy?

Discipline is the key when preparing for SAT. If you prepare your mind to be disciplined, you need to pick one of the two strategies.

  • Intense Study Plan: 10 hours per week for two months
  • Gradual study plan: Four hours a week for five months

It depends on your style of learning and both WORK! Depends on how have you worked before and what has worked for you personally. A lot of students I know prepare over a 5 month period (gradual plan), while there are some who prefer an Intense Plan too.

3. Get help from a tutor

Take your SAT preparation a step further, sign up with an online tutor!

In this day and age, when you have so many learning resources around you, this overabundance is more confusing than helpful. Having a person to channel these resources, becomes critical.

  • How do I look for a tutor online?
    There are multiple websites to look for the right online tutor

The only downside of hiring an online tutor is the cost— they sometimes can  be a little expensive, depending on how much help you need!

But if you’re really serious about doing well, then I would definitely recommend hiring a SAT tutor tutor

4. Take online tests

Have you Googled “SAT practice tests” yet?

I am sure you have, you must have probably noticed that they’re either extremely hard to find or very poorly made. Be careful that you don’t grab old SAT material that is still floating out there on the internet. Those won’t help too much. Also, you can take help from a SAT tutor aswell

You can simply check the SAT prep books online with the latest content and changes.

5. Quick tips, Tricks, and strategies for your child-

Prepare at least 4 days a week sat or Sunday + 3 weekdaysDedicate at least 30 minutes per session but less than 3 hours Take 30-45 minutes break between the 3-hour sessionDoing well on SAT Reading Portion will require being able to read difficult passages from different subjects quickly and break down their meaning.

Essentially, the better of a reader you are, and the more English, science, and social science classes you have taken, the better you will be prepared for this section.

High school’s English classes always broaden your vocabulary and teach you to approach extensively and increasingly difficult texts. In addition, social science or science classes you opt will further prepare you to tackle with the social science and science passages.

Also, you can do some advance reading outside of  class – either in terms of books or some magazines like “The New Yorker or Wired ”

Bonus Tip: Calm Down & Relax

This is the last bit of advice from me….

Dear Student,

Don’t stress yourself too much studying for the SAT, and don’t try to do everything on this list! At least not all at once.

Try to Pace yourself.

It should be Quality over Quantity.

And it’s incredibly important that you should not freak out much about the SAT, because if you walk into the exam stressed and worried… you’re probably not going to perform as well as you would have if you were more relaxed.

And in the end, you are going to be a huge success in life no matter what your SAT score comes out to be.

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