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Rise of Hybrid Homeschooling – Vnaya Education

Change is inevitable. We as humans have been evolving in all aspects and that’s how we become aware to the unknown. For example, travel from one place to another, the mode has evolved to a more convenient and suitable way. Even the education pattern is not shy of this thumb rule of evolution. Times have evolved and we have come a long way from when a child could only receive a limited amount of learning according to what his/her circumstances would allow. Formal learning avenues have increased multifold. Schools have always been a trusted means of imparting education in an organized way with a pre defined boundary. Home and school education must go hand in hand to build an individual’s learning ability resulting in knowledge accumulation. But many a times, both one’s own set of beliefs and the pattern of the school stand at logger heads which rather becomes a cause of worry and unrest for the keen young learner.

Between the decisions of whether to choose to home school or to send them to a physical school, the new method of schooling- Hybrid Homeschooling is getting popular. There can be many varieties of schooling which the parents can choose from for their kids. Basically whatever they would choose would somehow mean to combine the homeschooling concept with an in-person class. This can be a community of a homeschool group where the students would meet the facilitator for a few hours once or twice each week. Or it could also be a formal school in which the instructor would teach the course for a few days in the week. But when it is about getting most out of learning, combining both these mediums is a good option. This is the kind of flexibility that can be derived from hybrid homeschooling.

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It is basically the approach where the kids go for a part of the week to the school and also stay home to study partly in the same week. It is a combination of a school and home based learning which causes a deconstruction of an existential way of things as we know them. There can even be the hybrid homeschoolers where students attend the physical school for a part of the day and for the rest of the day they learn at home and follow suit for the rest of the week. This is how the parents can now work around on options available and provide the best education to their kids at home and also work on connecting them with the traditional schooling methodology as we might feel the exposure of both are  important for the kids to make it a wholesome experience.

Considering the dynamic ever changing global trends, the concept of hybrid homeschooling is becoming a big trend as this is how the kids can get access to the best of both the worlds. Hybrid homeschooling is a model of education in which the children can effectively split their time between homeschool and the traditional method of schooling ensuring effectiveness in both the places. We at Vnaya completely support the idea of hybrid homeschooling, through which the kids would be learning the best values at home and even get the exposure of the outer world. Homeschooling can be easily facilitated through online tutoring help.

Benefits of Hybrid Homeschooling can be summed up as under:

With more and more people feeling the void arising out of normal schooling, they are today opting for innovative education imparting methodologies, like experiential learning, where kids enjoy upgrading their knowledge. Hybrid homeschooling is an upcoming unconventional technique of making the child engage in a way which is flexible yet enjoyable, never seen but effective in a unique way which is aptly applicable to each child. If we are able to implement hybrid homeschooling in the truest of sense, the tremendous benefits arising from the same are beyond comparison. Following enlisted are few of its benefits:   

  • One of the biggest benefits of hybrid homeschooling is that parents don’t have to be 100% in charge of the education of the child as they can get the effective and real help from the teachers and the experts associated with the hybrid schools. For many parents, this help can add to a factor of relief, assuring them that their child will now get the educational help from someone good at it.
  • Another benefit is that we can point in the context of the social aspect. While the homeschoolers usually end up with questions regarding the social aspect of the children. There might be a complete void in that respect. Rather by opting for hybrid homeschool, the students are effectively able to socialize with their peers regularly. Socializing is an important factor to consider as it gives the kid the confidence to interact with people and put forward their views easily.
  • Just like the actual coursework, hybrid schools also offer the students the chance to choose their subjects individually. This means that the students can easily take the courses at various grade levels if they need it. Most of the hybrid schools have certified teachers for teaching the coursework. This makes it easier for the kids to understand the subject from someone who knows how to explain it well. This even helps out the parents as they might feel difficult in making the kids understand the tricky subjects.
  • Along with studies, the hybrid schools also concentrate on extracurricular classes and field trips for the students to make sure that they can get exposure to newer environment and can keep learning anew every time.

The Popularity of Hybrid Homeschooling

There’s no denying the fact that the hybrid homeschooling is becoming a highly popular trend these days. It can be seen that these hybrid programs are structured in a way that the parents can get more options to work on when it comes to the education of their children. This is something that is also contributing to a structural change in the aspect of homeschooling, thus causing it to transform from its very core.

What make hybrid homeschooling interesting are these two reasons. The first is that it tends to blur the lines that are related to “school”. With the help of the proliferation of new technologies and the resources, the parents are able to get high-quality education for the children. Secondly, the parents who still have very much faith in traditional school experience can also enjoy the benefit of hybrid homeschooling as the kids would still be connected with the school.

It can be clearly said that hybrid homeschooling is an evolving model and we can expect that it will continue to change as the families and communities as a whole are evolving and changing.  It is quite clear even from a cursory look at the hybrid homeschooling and it can be seen as a game changer as far as the educational eco system is concerned because Education is most important and it cannot wait!