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Vnaya is powered by Dr. Patricia Porter’s unique 5-Step natural learning process

Step 1

Decide a destination

so you are clear about what you want your child to achieve

Step 2

Map the Route

by uncovering your child’s specific learning needs

Step 3

Plan the path

choose the strategies that will lead your child to success

Step 4

Road to Success

proven practical actions that you can use immediately

Step 5

Celebrate the Journey

and prepare for the next one!


Patricia Porter, Ph.D

Dr. Patricia Porter holds a Ph. D degree from the University of British Columbia, a Master’s Degree from Birmingham University, Diploma in Special Education from the University of London and is a recipient of a Churchill fellowship. She has dedicated her life to helping children maximize their learning potential. During her 35 years of being a teacher in the UK and Canada, she discovered major discrepancies among children where their grades did not match their true abilities. Passionate about bridging this gap, Patricia devoted her 7 years to research, receiving her doctorate certification from UBC in Child Education Development in the year 2006.

Thereafter, attaining the specialist training that she received from the esteemed Reuven Feuerstein (a cognitive and developmental learning psychologist popular worldwide for his theory of intelligence), Patricia developed her own proprietary learning skill assessment program called the Pathfinder’s Process. This process is conveyed to the public through her company “Leading to Learning”. Moreover, she was also an active member and the past president of Rotary Vancouver Quadra.

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