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Online Tutoring as an Antidote to Anxiety

The words ‘anxiety disorder’ often conjure images of a full-scale panic attack, yet anxiety can manifest itself in many ways, including a fear of leaving the home or of meeting new people, since stress and panic will take hold at the moment one feels more vulnerable. Anxiety disorders are far more prevalent that some might imagine; in fact, they are the most common mental illness in the US, affecting 40 million people and costing the nation over $42 billion a year owing to the repeated use of health care services. Anxiety mimics serious illnesses; sufferers can face everything from chest pains to a rapid heart rate, pains in various parts of the body and difficulty breathing. If your child suffers from anxiety and their grades have suffered because of frequent absences from school, these are just a few reasons why online tutoring is the perfect way to get their grades back on track:

Anxiety and fear of crowds:

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder in which the sufferer has a fear of being in closed spaces or out in the public, a fear of being in an unfamiliar place, and/or a fear of leaving home. When people with agoraphobia venture outdoors, they can feel a range of symptoms, including an accelerated heartbeat, upset stomach, shortness of breath, etc. Specific cognitive behavioral treatments can slowly help your child become accustomed to leaving the home; often, treatment will involve slowly exposing the child to the environment they are scared of (this is called ‘exposure therapy’). Kids with agoraphobia can benefit greatly from online tutoring if they are not ready to experience learning in a public environment. A child who is getting started in recovery but who is insecure about meeting others or worried about being overwhelmed will find online tutoring very comforting and can slowly build up their confidence by working at their own pace and with their own strengths. Individual online tutoring will allow your child’s tutor to make learning a fun and enlightening experience, through personalization of tutoring sessions.

Anxiety and academic performance:

When a person encounters a situation of great stress, their ‘fight or flight’ response is invoked. Their heart rate and blood pressure rise, they begin to breathe more quickly etc., so they can ‘defend’ the body against an aggressor. The body becomes flooded with stress hormone, cortical, which makes it difficult to concentrate on academic work or even just stay ‘in the moment’. When a child’s anxiety is very severe, many parents find that homeschooling and home tutoring are an effective way for kids to keep up and even excel at academic work. Of course, it is important for children to have a social life, to function in a real environment and meet new friends, but millions of homeschooled children around the world will probably tell you that learning from home does not mean you cannot have a wide and fulfilling social circle.

Anxiety and medication:

In some cases (in persons aged 18 and above), a psychiatrist may suggest medication for a specified period, to battle the strongest symptoms of anxiety and depression (the two conditions often co-exist). When a person begins taking medication, it can take time to adapt to the effects they cause (which may include dizziness, lightheadedness, etc.). By working online, a person can avoid having to take a vehicle or catch public transport during a time in which they may not feel at their most confident.

Anxiety and online tutoring:

  Children who are anxious may find it difficult to express themselves or their worries in a crowded classroom; because offer a bespoke service, children find it much easier to ask questions, express their confusion and ask their tutor to repeat any aspects of a lesson they have not grasped fully. Those with anxiety often feel that the world is moving at a pace they cannot keep up with; online tutoring is all about their rhythm and their individual capabilities, with staff eager to point out a student’s strengths and teaching lessons in a way the child best processes and utilizes information. Most students with anxiety find that even after receiving therapy and feeling like they are able to face the world once again, online tutoring is a long-term benefit that enables them to manage and save time, and provides an optimal learning environment because it is specifically catered to their individual learning needs.
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