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OC & Selective Tests – Reduces Test Anxiety and Improves Performance

Anxiety plays a major role in teaching as well as learning. If teachers get to know what makes students stressed and feel anxious, then they can make appropriate alterations and omissions. This will help the children to show their potential and knowledge. Also, the teachers can know the students better. Anxiety exists in a small amount in everything people do but getting anxious is not the right thing for a student. A student who is less anxious gets success, has better judgement, and is more creative and performs better than the anxious student. Students who are anxious are less likely to participate in activities and refrain from answering in school. It is natural as the students who are anxious will need more time to understand and learn things as compared to other students. These factors affect the productivity of the students, which also affects the test giving ability of students as they cannot perform well. According to numerous studies, it is suggested that anxiety is required for learning and taking teaching seriously.

Anxiety is becoming troublesome in education and learning. As passing a course is based on a limited number of exams, it is normal for the students to get anxiety before it but this anxiety affects their performance. A high level of anxiety distracts children from proper evaluation and learning process as well as recalling important information during examination. Anxiety can also be known as the fear of science subjects and science related subjects. Having an anger management routine can help a lot in getting proper care for students. It can prevent students from going into science – related fields. Anxiety can be reduced by two methods: OC (Opportunity Classes) and Selective Tests methods.

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Opportunity Classes: Opportunity Classes or OC is the special classes in government primary schools that are aimed for the students in the year 5 and 6 in academics. In these classes, similar abilities students are paired up together with the help of specialized studying and educational methods depending on the students’ level. The application normally begins when students are in their 4th year. These students, who are selected, get to attend the full time opportunity classes in year 5 and 6 of their primary school making it a two year placement program. Students who get admission will have to leave their traditional class in order to attend the new opportunity classes.

Opportunity classes aim to give the students a favorable environment and a space where they can learn in their comfort zone. The teachers who are well versed in teaching special students take the opportunity classes, which can be helpful for children with anxiety and uneasiness. In the teachings of opportunity classes, techniques and curriculum depend upon the needs of the students, which can help them to pursue self- directed learning and motivate them to stay interested in studies. This will be helpful as the students are preparing for high- school and higher learning. OC helps the students with anxiety to team up with students with the same problems that helps boosting their self- esteem and giving them chance to understand and learn things from their perspectives in the environment suitable to their needs. It helps students with anxiety to meet like- minded peers so that they realize that people with the same understanding as them exist and help them understand the sense of self. It will help the students to increase their confidence and motivation towards learning and building social skills.

Selective Tests: selective Tests classes have students with anxiety and other disorders. These students may have potential but because of their issues and absence of a suitable environment, they lag in study and are unable to learn things. The selective tests are similar to opportunity classes. They also pair up the students with similar abilities together and use specialized methods and techniques in the process of learning. The selective schools provide year 7 placements. There are mainly two types of selective schools: Fully Selective high schools which offer classes that are academically selected and partially selective schools that offer one or two classes as selective and the rest are non-selective for local students.

These tests help the students to be focused on their studies before the tests that makes them motivated and boosts up their confidence as they are learning in the environment best suited with their needs. It focuses on achieving strong results as well as a collaborative environment, in which they can communicate with like-minded students. These schools have lower fees and return the best performance on investment.

With the help of these two methods and learning processes, students facing extreme anxiety can reduce their stress level and focus more on their studies to achieve the desired results as well as make themselves work consistently without the thought that studies are not meant for them and giving up. These adaptive strategies will help to promote positive impulse in the learning process of the students.

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