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NAPLAN- Smart Literacy and Numeracy Test

Australia’s National Assessment Program–Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is a comprehensive annual assessment for all students in year 3, 5, 7 and 9. It aims to test the necessary skills required by kids to progress in their school life. It is held in the month of May every year based on ACARA’s directions.

Previously, it was a hefty three days affair which was criticized for its overtly “ideal” way of assessment designed by educationists. Well, here is good news for all the parents seeking and schools conducting NAPLAN 2019-The Australian Education Council has changed it to an online test from the paper version. The test will be computer-based and not paper-based. It will be conducted in the span of nine days in the month of May, giving ample time to students for its preparation. In fact, by 2020, all schools will be switching over to NAPLAN’s online window.

Additionally, ACARA has recently come up with “tailored testing” in more than 200 schools across Australia by studying the previous pattern of cognitive levels of students. Considering the need for testing varying levels of student’s acquisition of concepts, ACARA has introduced “adaptive testing” aligning with the student’s level. In order to be fair and cater to the varying needs to students, “tailored testing” has brought about a new hope to NAPLAN.

For a detailed structure it can be assessed at links below:

Naplan Online Official Details


  1. Flexible
  2. Student-centric
  3. Predictive Achievements
  4. Precise results
  5. Tailored Testing
  6. Smarter mode of information
  7. Introduction to (AES)- Automated Essay scoring
  8. Along with the above, it also supports (BYOD) bring your own device. Student can use their own laptops and tablets. It requires some technical security software so that student isn’t able to access the unauthorized website, auto-correction, spell- check software etc. Special NAP lock-down browsers are available for schools to maintain secure examination conditions.
  9. Quick generation of result
  10. Self-Paced Preparation
  11. Writing is replaced by typing
  12. It can be rescheduled within a NAPLAN test window in case a device stops working or a student falling sick


 Preparation for Online NAPLAN at Vnaya:

  1. In order to prepare for Online NAPLAN, student teachers are invited to use a demonstration test so as to make the student and parent aware of its pattern and prep time. It includes self-training on onscreen tools, timers and self- directed navigation. Parents, Teachers and Students can also go for a one-on-one free demo session of the same at Vnaya, which provides expert services for NAPLAN preparation. You can simply book a demo session for a personalized experience.
  2. Nature of the test is keyboard accessible
  3. Kids with special needs or student facing any disability- ADHD, Autism or any other can take help from Vnaya’s expert educators for effective preparation. It works on one-on-one personalized, live sessions where a special educator, a NAPLAN expert will be assigned so that the student feels comfortable in preparing for the same. They can simply log on Vnaya’s website.
  4. Along with the above Vnaya educators will be instrumental in making a student learn about effective time management, by giving tips and tricks required to solve aptitude and reading based questions.
  5. Free mock tests can be checked at Vnaya’s website by signing up and taking a free demo class. One can simply check out Vnaya’s NAPLAN Test Series tutoring sessions.
  6. Along with aptitude, practice-based tests, one can even enhance the speed of their typing, which is one important requisite for attempting the writing skills section in online NAPLAN, can be improvised with the help of a personal tutor Student can practice typing and skills of effective writing by taking a one-on-one session with an expert tutor at Vnaya.
  7. Regarding NAPLAN practice tests, students can take help from NAPLAN experts and their schools. Online tutoring is quite instrumental and highly recommended in for mock tests. Many websites come in handy for NAPLAN practice tests but a guided platform can prove to be helpful in bringing out the best results.


To sum it up, I would like to share a few points as pre-requisites for any test preparation:

  1. Self-worth is the biggest virtue
  2. Goal setting towards a successful mindset
  3. Putting an end to procrastination
  4. Smart work
  5. Taking informed help


After all, “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” – John Maxwell

So, join us in unlocking this potential!

Good Luck & A Happy Prep!