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Make Your Special Child Even More Special with Online Tutoring

“Children with disabilities are like butterflies with a broken wing. They are just as beautiful as all others, but they need help to spread their wings.”

I asked somebody, “What is a disability?” “Curse”, he responded.

And then I asked a noble soul the same and I got the answer, “It’s a blessing if perceived wisely.”

Disabled children or “special children” as we often refer to them are a section of the society that is treated either with sympathy or negligence. And it is often considered that such children can never succeed in their lives.

Well, the truth is these are the children with exceptional, incomparable intellectual ability. And if given proper care, support, and guidance, these students with a learning disability can really shake up the world and reach heights in their lives.

Here is where online tutoring comes into play!

Online Tutoring – a Ray of Hope for the SPECIALLY ABLED

Nothing is as rewarding as educating children. And when it comes to educating kids with learning disabilities, it is no less than a blessing. However, the latter is more challenging. Often the traditional methods of teaching fail to prove effective in educating learning disabled students. This is why educating such students is a concern for the parents and teachers.

There is a dire need to adopt smarter learning strategies and techniques to make the learning process of such kids easier and smoother.

Lucky are we to live in the era of online tutoring!

Online tutoring has been a great advantage for disabled students. Most of the specially challenged kids feel hesitant and shy away from the classrooms norms and other students. However online tutoring gives them the advantage of learning at their own convenience and comfort without feeling embarrassed or neglected. They can learn freely through the one-to-one session.

In addition, online tutors are experienced in understanding the needs and behavior of such children. They are also apt in developing interpersonal skills among them. With constant interaction, special students gradually build confidence and become more expressive and quick learner. Many online tutoring programs also offer group assignments in order to develop interpersonal skills among the students.

How Can Vnaya Help?

Vnaya is a unique online tutoring platform that follows a one-of-its-kind procedure to match the students with the best tutors depending on their learning abilities and teaching styles. If any student is good at learning mathematics, the corresponding tutor with same teaching style is assigned to that student.

With special programs like PORTER DIAGNOSTIC LEARNING ASSESSMENT, we can help parents of students to determine their learning strengths and weaknesses, which further helps in identifying the ideal ways to boost the overall learning potential of the students.

 If your child is struggling to keep up at school, then contact us today for a learning assessment and find out how we can help your child to succeed.