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June SAT Cancelled Due to COVID-19!

COVID-19 has taken a toll over every aspect of our life and everything seems to have come to a standstill around the world. This rapidly spreading virus has forced us to suspend all of our usual activities, be it students, small or big businesses, anything et al one can imagine and this shall be so until some kind of prowess is achieved to mitigate the risks imposed by this new entrant. We cannot risk our health and safety which always is above all the major world systems. With the rapidly expediting situation of corona virus, it has been decided to cancel the June 6, 2020 SAT administration. But students will be provided with future additional SAT testing opportunities as soon as possible, as the uncertainty continues with the current circumstances.

What you should do while you are waiting to take the SAT test.

Closing of the test centres does not mean learning opportunities have ended. Students should rather take it as an opportunity to get super ready and hone their skills even better than before. They can continue with full length practice through various free online resources. A SAT exam requires lot of practice and this unique situation can prove to be a blessing in disguise for engaging in numerous practice opportunities.  

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Therefore, one can start utilizing the most of this lockdown time and achieve mastery in one’s skill set to get through the exam. Be focused though the COVID-19 situations are rapidly changing. It is hard to predict when the board is going to announce the dates, but you need to be prepared for any opening. The Board has announced several paths forward.  Two options include offering the SAT during school in the fall and adding the new September exam date so there is a SAT being offered each month until the end of the year. On the contrary if schools fail to open up in the fall, they will offer online version for SAT students to take tests from home. All this is yet to be seen.

Get more studying time and prepare well

It is true that the times you are going through are stressful, but that s the harsh reality of today. Protect yourself from worries that how COVID-19 is disrupting your future, instead you have a choice to channel that anxiety toward productive actions. This will make you feel better and prepare you mentally to attempt the SAT with a rebound confidence. Now a days you would be have a lot of time on your hands unlike earlier, you can engage in more and more practice. Spot your weakness and work to develop your skill set which can come handy when required to manifest.

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Availability of free resources

Fortunately, to help SAT test taking students there are lots of high-quality and free SAT prep material available. You can also seek for online classes with trained tutors round the clock to guide and mentor you. They provide you with instant feedback on your performances and let you know where you stand.  Along with full length practice tests you are provided with videos, lessons, and hints plus study and test-taking tips and strategies. Stick to your practice schedules strictly and try and dig out latest mock test series and challenge to solve them time and again.

Therefore, in this unique situation you have enough access to these essential tools to keep you abreast of all it takes to crack SAT and achieve the victories desired of your future.